Summer background with colorful flowers and leaves

We have settled into the new year, we have readied the store for the new season and our gates are now open! Early spring flowers, seeds, fertilizers, bulk soil for top dressing your lawn...and more great stock of plants, statues and gift ware (really cool gift ware if I may say...:) ) are continually arriving. 

We have some fun events returning and some new ideas in the works as well. We love our community that we live and work in and we can't wait to be a part of bringing good health, happiness and fun into your days. 

See you around the nursery...   
  Heart of lots watercolor flowers - valentine card and love concept                                         
What To Do First?
For our sanity...some colour. Planted Happiness...that's what I call it. 
Primroses, Pansies, Helleborus, Potted Bulbs...anything! Just give yourself some Colour Therapy! We all need it. :) 


Double Primroses are pictured here. Just gaze and enjoy. :) 

What To Do Second?
Lime...and I don't mean for the Mojitos!

Lawns and Lime go together like...well, mojitos and a summer day. It's a bit too cold and wet to apply the Moss Control just yet, but you can absolutely get started on getting a healthy lawn back by raising the pH after a winter season of rain and wet. With a higher pH level, the roots of the grass blades can better absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer that you are going to be applying soon. 
How do you know what your lawn pH is? How do I know? Well, ...because the pH in rain water is more on the acidic side of the pH spectrum so your soil is always gradually becoming more acidic. And if you have cedar trees dropping needles, yup more acidity to the mix. And...we can help you with that.  :) 

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Remember...Greatness is to be Found in Your Garden!! 
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