Beautiful autumn landscape with yellow trees and sun. Colorful foliage in the park. Falling  leaves natural background .Autumn season concept

We've been hearing a lot about the changing of the season, we are helpless to the changing whim of the transitional weather, and we spend a lot of time thinking and looking ahead. We feel like we're in the last leg of our journey/race through this calendar year and in that last leg, there is a lot to do. 

So why am I giving you ideas and nudging you to plant bulbs and fall perennials and trees and shrubs?? You have enough to do!! BUT.... I say with confidence and gentleness,  the flowers that you will see everyday, the new tree in your yard, the bulbs that will sleep and wake up in colour next Spring.....that will make you feel good. YOU. Even if it's just a blip of happiness, it's there, it's real. And each time in a day you see your flowers and new shrubs you will get a blip of happiness, add them together for many blips of happiness.....and before you know it, you are just Blippin' Happy!!! 

Feature Plant of the Month!
This is a stunner!
The Beautyberry plant - Callicarpa profusion.

A great plant because in every season of the year it offers you a different look to admire.
Spring - new leaves have a gorgeous bronze tint
Summer - purple/pink flowers clusters with lush green leaves
Fall - Lovely purple berry clusters  (looky at the photos below)
Winter - it's deciduous so the leaves are gone but the branches are laced with the attractive berries

Just Dig It
Container gardening is loved by many because it's quick and fairly easy to do, a bit of clean up when you're finished and Ta Da! An impressive display of happy plants! 
We have made up containers at the nursery, in which you can buy and jump right to the last step of "an impressive display of happy plants!" can put together one of your own.  :)
Here's a bit of a list of suggestions - just suggestions, there are no rules in gardening. That's my philosophy anyway - 

Heuchera - pronounced Hooo - krrr - ahhh  (that was just fun to spell out)
many different varieties available:

Gaultheria procumbers - Winterberry 

Cupressus macrocarpa goldcrest - Lemon Cypress  (slight lemon scent)

Vinca minor - Periwinkle Vine  ( my personal favourite :)  )

And a few more ideas/suggestions:
  • Osmanthus Holly - varigated leaves
  • Pieris  'Little Heath' - dwarf and compact 
  • Autumn Fern - new growth bronze/coppery pink 
  • Black Mondo Grass - dramatic and compact

Here's how it can look put together....but remember 'no rules' just do what you love. 


Perennial Fun!
Pointing Out a Fave on Perennials

Walking around the perennial tables at the nursery, this one stopped me and made me....yes! Made Me Say, "ooooh"  just like that. Yup. 

 Sedum - 'Blue Elf' Stonecrop

This sedum hybrid has only been around a couple of years and it's "parentage" has brought together some super traits!  It's hardy down to zone 4 (we're zone 7); it is absolutely smothered in flowers; super compact in size: 3 to 4 " high and about 15" inches wide; likes the sunny side of your place; attractive blue/grey leaves; evergreen; and it's just so darn cute!!!


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English bulldogs and a pumpkin
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