A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 12, 2022
Y'all. This was a week of extremes. I'm talking long swings like Miley-Cyrus-swinging-in-on-a-wrecking-ball pendulum swings. Call me crazy but it started two weeks ago on a Monday and the earth has felt off its axis ever since. Call it spiritual, energy, juju, or whatever you want to label it. It has felt like extremes and everyone I have talked to has all said the same thing.

Last week, I exclaimed to Lizzie, "OMG! It's been such a long week!"

She responded with a dead-pan stare and said, "It's Tuesday."

To capture the full effect and visual of the swings at FGS, let's start with Exhibit A. This is our son, Spencer. After four years (two of them during Covid and navigating Zoom classes and online work like everyone else), he graduated from NC State with his Bachelors in Managerial Accounting.

This has been such a mixture of emotions for Scott and me; I'm sure other parents can relate. There has been great success and great loss for everyone during Covid. Never would anyone have dreamed college life would look so different as it has the last two years. But we are grateful for Spencer's attitude and perseverance to finish strong. His college years were not a normal experience but he made the most of what he was given. And we are so proud of his accomplishments!
And then what happened? Exhibit B. One minute I'm processing a college graduate of my own and the next minute, I'm celebrating a squishy being born into one of our designer's family! See what I mean about pendulum swings and extremes?

Let me introduce Brewer Max Barnes, born May the 4th (be with you!) Yes, he is a little Star Wars baby! Brewer weighed 7 lbs, 10 ounces and was 20.25" long, and arrived at 11:47pm. Doug and Rachel are thrilled and we are so happy for them!! Welcome to the FGS family, little one!

Doug texted the morning of Brewer's birth day to say they were headed to the hospital and he wouldn't be in for work. Then he texted and said they were sent home to wait and it could be hours or even days. So what do I offer? To bring his computer, folders, and tracing paper - because what is a better way to distract oneself than by being creative? ROTFL!

Needless to say, before the day ended, they were headed back to the hospital and honestly, what a relief. Nothing worse than having to wait for a squishy to arrive, am I right? But seriously, look at that face and all his hair! Sigh. Insert googly eyes here.

We are excited for all the life experiences everyone is having at FGS. We have several college graduates. We have a squishy. We have a bride-to-be. We have parents planning summer camps for their kids. We have some employees moving into new careers and new houses. We even have a new bee hive! We have been busy... as a bee :)

We are here for all the life changes, wrecking balls, and more. When we need a break, we talk to the plants; you should try it, too! Plant therapy and sunshine for the mental health win! And we can help you, too, when you feel like your world needs a bit of therapy, sunshine, and a break from your own wrecking ball world! Plants never disappoint.
We know, we know- it's May now, but you can still check us out in Our State Magazine's "3 Things to Add to Your April To-Do List." It's an honor to be included among North Carolina's brightest and best! We absolutely love being a part of the community here in the Triangle - we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Click the photo to check out the article!

Photograph by Alex Boerner
Have you seen these amazing t-shirts?!

You can pick them up at the Garden Center. We designed three different styles, so there's something for everyone.

The best part? Every time you wear it to FGS while you shop, you'll receive 5% off your purchase!

Fun, fashionable, AND thrifty? Yes, please!
Spider plants are a classic in the houseplant world! They are a go-to for many because they are pet friendly, relatively easy to care for, and, of course, fun to look at! Spider plants put off "pups" (aka baby spider plants) that you can propogate into a whole collection of new plants. These guys do just fine on a table, shelf, or even hanging in a basket!

Pro tip: If your home decor leans toward a bohemian style, this plant is a must-have to complete the look!
"The only thing that money can't buy is true love and home grown tomatoes." (John Denver)

Nothing tastes better in the middle of summer than fresh garden tomatoes! We have tons of options, including cherry tomatoes and varieties perfect for slicing and canning. We even have organic! Now is the perfect time to begin planting tomatoes. They need full sun and lots of water: usually 1-2 inches of water per week. Fertilizing can help your plants produce yummy tomatoes all summer long!

Pro tip: Read our "Tomato Tips" blog to get an in-depth guide for growing tomatoes in your garden!
2022 is "The Year of the Lilac" according to the National Gardening Bureau! Considering Lilacs are known for their toughness and reliability, we can certainly see why.

These low-maintenance shrubs thrive in afternoon sun and well-draining soil. Lilacs bloom on old wood, so pruning is required. Don't plant them too close together as they prefer not to feel crowded. We currently have several varieties, including Bloomerang, a reblooming variety, and Baby Kim, the smallest (and possibly cutest) Lilac!

Pro tip: Slugs are Public Enemy #1 for Lilac bushes, so make sure to keep an eye on your landscaping for possible in-pest-ation. Don't worry, they won't be able to outrun you. Hire some free-range chickens as bodyguards for your Lilac bushes to solve any slug problems!
Upcoming Classes & Events

Sunday, May 15, 10AM-11AM
Location: The Potting Shed

It’s a great time of year to repot your houseplants!

Learn everything you need to know to up-pot and re-pot your plants for optimum health and growth in our brand new, lecture-based demonstration. Pruning tips to improve the plants well-being as it thrives in its new pot will be discussed!

Fee is $15/person; includes a pair of pruners

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach
For Friday's Sake
Friday, May 20, 5PM-8PM
Location: The Garden Center

Need more time to shop? Well you’re in luck, because we are extending our Garden Center hours until 8PM!

The Potting Shed will be open and serving local beer, wine and Sunset Slush until 8PM, so come and enjoy the ambiance on the patio and take in the sunset. Seats fill quickly so don't forget your chair and blanket!

Featuring the musical talents of Sterling Scott!

Saturday, May 21, 10AM - 12PM
Location: The Robin's Nest

This engaging class is for those interested in learning about this fascinating horticultural art form. The class and hands-on workshop will teach the aesthetic aspects of classical bonsai along with the technical and horticultural fundamentals you’ll need to enjoy this wonderful hobby. The class will cover bonsai styles, design, pruning, wiring, container selection, potting, and care.

Fee is $75/person; includes all workshop materials you’ll need to create your very own bonsai, an introductory bonsai book, a detailed after care guide for your new tree, and light snacks

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this course, class size will be limited to a small group setting.

PAYMENT AT TIME OF REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to hold your spot. Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Ken Hallatt, Owner of Carolina Bonsai

Saturday, May 21, 10AM - 11AM
Location: The Potting Shed

Bring joy and color to your outdoor space by creating a one-of-a-kind container that will last all summer! FGS Plant Coach, Debbi Barrett, will cover the thrill, fill, spill technique and discuss other design tips to create a gorgeous container! You will also learn tips for how to best care for your container to keep it thriving through the hot summer months!

Fee is $55/person; includes all workshop supplies and materials and a mimosa

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach

Saturday, May 28, 6PM - 9PM
Doors Open at 5:30 PM

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend and join us for our first concert of 2022!

Waking April is an electro-pop band made up of a husband and wife duo. Bethany and Alex McKee are based in Raleigh, NC. From their website: “Waking April has crafted its sound taking their indie roots and blending them with synthpop and electronic influences. The band combines mostly electronic instrumentation with pop sensibilities supporting Bethany’s dynamic vocals and a particular focus on melodic hooks.” FGS is thrilled to include them in this year’s concert series!

Tickets are $10 each!
Children 12 and under are FREE

Food Truck: Presti Pizza
We're Hiring!
For Garden's Sake is looking for new faces to join our landscape team! If you like to work hard and have fun at the same time, these positions could be for you!

We are hiring for the following roles:
  • Landscape Installation Operations Manager
  • Landscaper - Installation Crew Member
  • Landscaper - Maintenance Crew Member
  • Lawn Maintenance Field Supervisor

These positions are full-time, year-round, with benefits. CLICK HERE to see the full job descriptions and apply!
Landscape Design and Installation
Our designers, Doug and Billy, love to turn your lawn and landscape into a gorgeous and usable outdoor space! From beautiful plant design to drainage solutions to fire pits and patios, our team can take your outdoor living space to the next level. We are booking for late May - June appointments so don't wait to put in your request for a consultation! Click here to submit an online request!
Plant Tip of the Week: TOMATO, TOMAHTO
If you love tomatoes, we HIGHLY encourage you to try growing your own. We can't say it enough: there is nothing that compares to home grown tomatoes, no matter which way you prefer to enjoy them. Lizzie's family has a long history of making homemade salsa with fresh garden tomatoes. Trust us: the hard work is worth the sweet reward.

That being said, growing tomatoes can be tricky, so we have a handy blog post with lots of tips to help you succeed!

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