Happy New Year: 2017 Will be a Great Year for Solar
The solar industry shattered records in 2016 -- and the future looks bright for 2017.Total solar installations in the third quarter of 2016 increased 99 percent over the second quarter, according to a report published by the Solar Energy Industries Association and market analysis firm GTM Research. The industry added a record-breaking 4,143 megawatts (or million watts) of solar generating capacity in the third quarter -- a number that the fourth quarter is projected to exceed.

"The growth in solar may appear astonishing, but it's not surprising to experts," says Sunrise CEO Douglas Hertz. "Advances in solar technology have made it an increasingly smart choice for both business owners and homeowners, and the temporary extension of the federal solar tax credit has kept upfront costs under control for the time being, creating an exceptional value for those who take advantage of these incentives. That combination is a key piece of this unprecedented growth in the industry."

"While we are in a period of uncertainty, with state policy changes under consideration and a new administration coming in at the national level, one thing is certain -- by installing a solar energy system now, energy customers can begin saving right away, and give themselves long-term protection against energy rate hikes, all while helping their environment," Mr. Hertz says.

The growth in the solar industry is not expected to be a temporary trend; in fact, the report predicts that by 2020, the industry will be adding up to 20 gigawatts per year.  
Sunrise Projects in Progress
Absolute Coatings Inc. in New Rochelle, N.Y. is projected to save a whopping $442,866 in energy costs -- and bring its utility electric usage down to zero -- all thanks to a staged plan by Sunrise to install solar as the roofs are replaced.

"Sunrise made sure that the systems they were installing were compliant with our new roof warranties," says Absolute Coatings president David Sherman. "They handled all the time-consuming paperwork and meetings with the building department, planning board etc. and they've kept us informed all along the way. It's been a great project."

One of the great benefits of Sunrise's micro inverter technology is the ability to easily expand the system at a future date without impacting the existing system. Absolute's solar system is designed to be expanded when the next phase of roof repairs are completed, sometime next year, bringing the total system size to 200KW -- and the utility electric usage down to zero.
Sunrise In The News
Sunrise Solar Solutions LLC is excited to announce that the deadline to sign up for Solarize Wappingers , a community campaign to bring quality, affordable solar energy systems to the community, has been extended to January 15 . The extension creates an opportunity for even more local residents, businesses and nonprofit organizations to reduce their energy costs while helping Dutchess County achieve its green energy goals.

"We're proud to have been chosen as the designated Solarize installer for both commercial and non-profit projects throughout Wappingers," says Douglas Hertz, president of Sunrise Solar Solutions LLC. " "We have been the designated installer for numerous Solarize programs throughout the Hudson Valley, so we know that this program has an exceptional track record of lowering the cost of local solar installations, typically by 10-20 percent."  

"We are excited that the deadline has been extended, because the more participants who sign up, the larger the discount," Mr. Hertz says.

For more information, and to sign up for a free site assessment, visit Solarize Hudson Valley .
Sunrise Technology: Spotlight on Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Systems
Hesitant about going solar? This technology takes all the mystery out of it. For people who are new to solar, it's common to have questions -- and sometimes misconceptions -- about how your solar panels perform.

That's why here at Sunrise, we are excited to be able to offer complete system tracking with Enphase Enlighten -- a mobile-friendly monitoring software that makes it simple to see what your system is doing any time. With Enlighten, our customers can:

  • Effortlessly verify system health and performance at a glance
  • View energy production by month, day or hour
  • Analyze performance against historical weather data
  • Share performance information on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Visit our website to learn more about this and other cutting-edge technologies we use here at Sunrise.
Sunrise Cares: Giving For All Seasons
This holiday season, Sunrise Solar Solutions launched a campaign to support Habitat for Humanity by donating$100 on behalf of every customer who installs a solar panel system from Sunrise Solar Solutions and mentions this offer. But need isn't seasonal -- so we've decided to extend the offer indefinitely. Happy holidays from Sunrise Solar Solutions!