Solar NEWS
Huge Increase in Home Values for Northeast Solar Customers
A new study shows a startling $99,000 increase in home values for Northeast solar customers. The effect of solar panels on home sale prices is much more than a boost - in fact, it's a startling $99,000 increase on average.Solar customers already know that installing a rooftop solar energy system is a smart investment that can simultaneously reduce their electric bills while earning tax credits. And most are aware that solar panels can give their home values a boost - typically about $15,000, according to Department of Energy.

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Fact or Fantasy?
Are you wondering whether to believe the hype about recent releases in residential solar products? We don't blame you; showy unveilings of futuristic-looking technologies make for great headlines, but these announcements often fall short when it comes to providing the kinds of details homeowners need to make real decisions about investing in a rooftop solar energy system. Check out our latest post for our current product recommendations for solar customers.

Sunrise in the Community
Announcement of Sunrise Contest Winners! 
The winners of this year's  "Are You A Solar Superstar? Make a Difference One Ray at a Time"  contest are... Victoria Fears, a 10th grader from Tappan Zee High School and T yler Lowe, an 11th grader from Tappan Zee high school.  Each year, we invite students from Westchester and Rockland counties to show off their art and photography sk ills, and illustrate ways that solar power can make earth a better place.  We were so 
excited by this year's array of talent and creativity, along with the number of entries. It was a very difficult decision for the Sunrise team, but Victoria and Tyler's entries "shined" the brightest!  However, all the entries were exceptional and we plan to showcase them on our website and via our social media. Thank you to all the students who shared their art and passion for our very successful Second Annual "Make a Difference One Ray at a Time" Solar Art Contest.
Solar Success Story: $0 electric bill for Alfandre Architecture
Hudson Valley architecture firm Alfandre Architecture is committed to sustainable building practices -- and that includes the firm's own office building. We're proud to have worked on the project from inception to completion, ultimately helping Alfandre's building earn LEED Platinum certification -- the highest possible certification in green building. But equally exciting is the speed with which they're seeing a difference on their electricity bills.

"Since construction was completed, we have had four electric bills of $0,"said Rick Alfandre, president of Alfandre Architecture. "It's a great investment. You save money from day one. You are protected from the inevitability of rising electricity costs in the long term. And best of all, there are outstanding environmental benefits. It's a win-win-win investment in my opinion."

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The Solar Industry: Employment on the Rise
The employment outlook in the solar industry has never been better. In fact, we are excited (but not surprised) to learn that the solar industry now employs more people than Apple, Facebook and Google combined, according to Andrea Luecke , director of The Solar Foundation, a non-profit organization that publishes a solar jobs census.

The growth is particularly encouraging here in our region, where the future of other energy jobs may be far less certain. Read more.

Sunrise Spotlight on: Joe McLaughlin, Commercial Project Developer
Joe is a member of The Westchester Business Council and the Dutchess Chamber of Commerce. He previously worked as a commodities trader and a Low Income Housing Developer (LIHTC), which is where he first got involved in solar energy as part of a 500-unit redevelopment project for HUD in 2009. Joe attended The College of the Holy Cross on a full NCAA Athletic Scholarship for Football, where he graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. Joe is currently working towards a Masters in Project Management.  Meet the rest of the Sunrise team.