South Miami City News & Updates
Sept. 17, 2020 | Issue 19
City Green-Lights Sunset Drive Improvement Plan
One of South Miami’s most beloved and well used thoroughfares is about to get some much-needed TLC.

The City Commission gave a greenlight at it's Sept. 15 virtual public meeting for improvements along a busy stretch of Sunset Drive a few blocks west of US-1.

Funded through a General Obligation Bond grant, the project includes modifications to the roadway alignment along Sunset from SW 62nd Ave. (at the corner where Chevron sits) to east of SW 61st Ct. (immediately west of City Hall).

In Other TLC News
Several other items now slated by the City Commission will positively impact quality of life for South Miami residents, including:

  • Removal/disposal of existing lighting to make way for installation of new decorative lighting in the Downtown District.
  • Construction documents will be completed for improvements at South Miami Park.
  • Temporary easing of restrictions re: outside display of merchandise in the Downtown District, until Dec. 31, 2020.
As coronavirus numbers dip, County moves into Phase 2

With the recent dip in state and local coronavirus numbers, Miami-Dade County is beginning its shift to Phase 2. This allows for businesses, including movie theaters, concert halls, and similar places to open at 50 percent occupancy. Bars and nightclubs will not open at this time. 

In addition to the countywide curfew being pushed back one hour to 11 p.m., parks will be open until 10 p.m., charter boats will be allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity, youth baseball and softball will be allowed to resume, and outdoor attractions like the zoo can open at 50 percent capacity.

That said, proper precautions should be taken including social distancing, masks and other CDC guidelines
FPL assists customers
facing financial hardship

FPL is offering direct relief to customers who are significantly behind on their FPL bills and to those customers who have diligently paid their bills but still have a deposit with the company – by accelerating the return of their deposit money.

Residential and small-business customers may be eligible for a bill credit of up to $200 based on the status of their account and how long the account has been past due. To receive the direct relief, eligible customers will need to pay their total outstanding balance, net of the bill credit.

Customers can learn about available resources by visiting FPL online for general information or by calling FPL directly and toll-free at 800-226-3545.