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Hello Sunshine,

I am hopeful that this letter finds you well. Can you believe that there are less than 90 days left in the year? Earlier this year, our worlds came to a temporary halt, and we were forced to create new normals in both our personal and professional lives. Which reminds me, if you haven’t already done so, take note of the strides you have made this year despite the circumstances presented. Then, give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it! 
Undoubtedly, this year will go down in history (collectively and individually) as one of the most challenging years of our lives. Yet and still, here we are thriving! We grasped hold of those new norms and have grown and increased in ways we never imagined. And right now is a great time to harness our momentum and establish clarity, intention, and purpose for what’s to come!

Here’s a little homework assignment I thought we could complete together. Let’s take a moment to create a list of our desired outcomes for 2021. Or, if need be, create a list of desired outcomes for the remainder of 2020. Presented differently, “What’s possible for us in 2021, or what’s possible for us during this last quarter of 2020?” 

While creating my list, I noticed a paradigm shift surrounding a few held beliefs, allowing for authentic truths to rise to the surface. In the intro video above, I share a few of these truths in a segment I refer to as “wanting vs. having.” The truth of the matter is that when we narrow down what’s possible (wanting) for us, we must also detail actions required in order for us to experience (having)those possibilities. As I sit here typing this, The Law of Diminishing Intent comes to mind: “The longer you take to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.” A concept originally coined by Jim Rohn. 

So when we think about what’s possible, we must also think about being aligned, committed, and active! An example of this aligned-committed-action can be seen in the Lifestyle section; featuring Taste and Grace Creations, a graze box company located in Charleston, SC. Founder Samor Davis was faced with a decision. As a result, she empowered herself and took required actions that have led to new “delicious” possibilities for herself and the clients she serves. 

Speaking of serving. For the home cooks out there serving up those signature dishes flavored with love, see this month cooking section considerations. It includes details on the launch of my very first cookbook/storybook (insert happy hands emoji, lol). To me, cooking is such a great way to show that you love and care. Releasing this book feels like an expanded release of that love into the world. My prayer is that the meal ideas will inspire individuals and families, and as a result, the love will be further multiplied. 

As a final reminder, my continued thoughts and prayers of health and safety are with you and yours. Until next time!

Many Blessings,
2020 Challenges; not denials. Remain focused; finish Strong!
Monthly features: Live well from the inside out!
Get Moving Monday Feature.
Let's talk about blood sugar, the concentration of glucose in the blood. Too much or too little glucose triggers a significant stress response in the body. Here are seven steps for balancing blood sugar:

  1. Water intake
  2. Protein intake
  3. Healthy fats added to meals
  4. Counting chemicals, not calories
  5. Consistent meal timing
  6. Sleep
  7. Movement (Hence get moving Mondays)

Get Moving Monday Feature. A balanced smoothie packs a nutrient-dense superfood punch. When creating recipes of your own experiment with superfoods to boost your diet with nutrients, you may be missing. For instance, a tablespoon of quality nut butter provides added fiber and protein. One teaspoon of organic spirulina is loaded with Vitamin A, known to work as an antioxidant and good for healthy vision, skin, and immunity. For smoothie inspiration,
September in review: Fantastic Fridays (FF) LIVE
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FF LIVE: Inspirational Conversations, Cooking, Guest Co-host, Shaniqua & You!
Fall 2020 Launch: Seek Purpose Live Dreams (SPLD) TV Streaming Network
SPLD TV Streaming Network launches this fall! The subscription streaming network, an extension of the SC World Group Lifestyle Brand experience, will house inspiring, encouraging, and entertaining long-form and short-form content. And can be watched at home or on-the-go across multiple devices!

The streaming network’s newly developed programming topics include cooking, entrepreneurship, family, home, and wellness. The fall kick-off will feature a combination of newly developed content, never before seen footage from the SPLD TV library, and previously aired content from the SPLD TV series, Candid Conversations with Everyday Women. 

SPLD TV content is executively produced by Shaniqua Cousins and reflects her creative vision, passion for purposeful living, partnerships with those who share that passion, and the courage she embodies to authentically live out dreams!
Considerations for those spending more time in the kitchen

October features: A few of Shaniqua’s favorite kitchen products...
Chef’s Knife
For everyday cooking
Pink Salt
For the health benefits
Cast Iron Skillet
Southern girl classic
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Be inspired!
Be transformed!
African American woman with delightful smile gesturing while telling exciting story to female friend relaxing on yellow cozy sofa at home
One small step.

Dreaming of more is not a betrayal of your current realities. Nor does it mean that you are unappreciative of what you have. Give yourself permission to dream even bigger dreams and take action steps to receive.

The Total Transformation Breakthrough Program; Take the next step with transformation sessions that can help you uncover what’s stopping, slowing down, or keeping you from having the health and life you want.

Be ignited!
LIVE event.

We are making plans for another great LIVE event! New virtual platform, same awe inspiring experience!
WSPLD Experience 2021

An experience you will not forget.  The Women Seeking Purpose, Living Dreams Experience is held in beautiful Charleston, SC.  Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Host, Shaniqua Cousins returns annually to her favorite hometown for a one of a kind girl’s weekend. The WSPLD Experience is where women from various walks of life are united through inspiration.  The experience is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that ignites transformation with the the goals of showcasing, building and encouraging strong female role models.
WSPLD Experience Host Location
Shaniqua Cousins World Group| | California, MD 20619