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Sunshine Salutation March 20th, 2022

The yin and the yang live within us all. Each of us are full of light, yet we have our dark corners as well. In our yoga practice we can do a posture that is the same on both sides, yet it never feels the same on both hemispheres of the body. As we grow from infant to adult the bones and muscles develop differently. The right side of our bodies are the Sun, the heat, the yang. The left side is the Moon, the cool, the yin.

Much like the seasons shift and change, so can the yin and yang energy in our bodies. It is important to embrace and incorporate both sides of yourself with your yoga practice in your everyday life. When we practice postures such as Samakonasana, center split or straight angle pose, we can feel the push and the pull of the light and the dark within us all.

How do you honor the light and dark side of yourself?

Join Jennifer and Cindy for an Art and Yoga workshop. You will use a fluid yoga practice to get your creative juices flowing and then create a beautiful piece of art. Sign up with the link below.

Angela will host a Ladies Yoga, sip and share on April 16th. On May 7th Angela will lead a Partner Yoga and Introduction to ACRO Yoga with her partner Gus.

Later this week I will post sign up information for our 6th Annual Aerial Showcase at Reds Roadhouse in Kennedale on October 22nd. The registration is open to anyone who wishes to perform. Want a sneak peek? Our Aerial crew will preform this year at Mansfield Music Alley Festival so mark the date Saturday, April 30th, in Historic Downtown Mansfield.

We have received so many reviews the past week. I would like to thank you all for taking time to tell us how you feel and what you think. Every comment is appreciated. We would love to hear what you think. Send me an email at Also, what would you like to see at Sunshine? Let us know.

Love and Light,

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