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Sunshine Salutation August 21st, 2022


How do you vanquish a demon? You take away its power. In ancient yogic texts, there is a tale of the Goddess Kali. In a great battle, there was a powerful demon and when he was injured and his blood hit the ground, it would create a clone of the demon. This made it impossible to destroy the enemy. After great hardship and casualties in the battle, the Goddess Kali drank all the demon's blood and destroyed him.

Do you feed your demons with attention and energy? One lesson we can learn from the Goddess Kali is simple, to take away your demon's power. Free yourself from what has power over you.

When we practice yoga, it gives us the opportunity to engross ourselves in our breath and our bodies. This allows us to leave the troubles of everyday life behind for just a little while. When we come back to earth after savasana our demons have less power than before.

Above is a picture of goddess pose, sometimes called utkata konasana (fierce bond angle pose) or kalyasana (pose dedicated to the Goddess Kali).

Everything is better with friends, and we would love for you to bring a friend for FREE. If you are a member or frequent visitor of the studio, you know how your Yoga practice improves your quality of life. Please share it with a friend for FREE! Invite your friends, family, and coworkers to book a class and use the coupon code FRIEND to attend one class for FREE!

Mallory Green-Spielman and JP Wilkerson will be holding a workshop on September 17th for Emotional Healing and Sound Bath. Check out the details below.

Our Halloween Bash and Sixth Annual Aerial Showcase will be here before you know it. October 22nd at Reds Roadhouse in Kennedale. Check out all the details at

This year we offer a World of Pure Imagination with Aerial performances to peak into a world of whimsy. We will have over 20 acts to amaze and astound you. The students and teachers at Sunshine Yoga Shack have been polishing their aerial skills all year and cannot wait to show you what they can do. There is a $100 cash prize and a trophy for the best costume—also, a $100 to whoever finds the Golden Ticket. We will have Food Trucks to feed your fancy and cocktails to quench your thirst. When the performances are done, we will turn it up for Kerry Freeman, fresh from recording his first Nashville Album at the after-party.

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