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Sunshine Salutation August 22nd, 2021!

Let me tell you a secret... You are stronger than you know. Deep within yourself, there is a power many have never had to use before but it is there. We all face challenges in this life and we have the opportunity to rise up and accept the challenge or we can shrink back. The choice is yours.

I see this daily as I teach yoga and aerial classes but most of all when I train yoga teachers. Jennifer and I began this weekend with an amazing group of trainees. I know they will rise to this challenge. Our training program is full for this semester. We will open a few spots in the Art of Teaching Yoga Module when it begins in January. Email me if you are interested as the spots will be first come first serve.

Speaking of power and courage we have an exceptional group of Aerialists that will perform in our 5th Annual Aerial Showcase. Please plan on attending this fantastic show. You will be amazed at what these performers can do. Tickets are on sale now. See below for more details.

An update and announcement for Kids' classes. Please understand each person who attends class must have an individual account and reservation under their name. Parents, please do not book a kid's class with your name. We cannot use one person's account for two separate people. We do offer a family plan where the first person pays full price and the second person gets 50% off. This applies to children's aerial as well as any other pass or membership. Email Lynn to add the discount.

Until September 1st we will offer a FREE yoga or aerial class at the studio. Anyone can use the discount code STARTNOW. Simply book your class and enter the code at check out.

This week's Sunshine Pose of the week is Boat pose or Paripurna (full) Nava (boat) asana (pose). Navasana requires power from the heart to lift the chest, hands, and feet upward toward the ceiling. It appears easy at first but holding the pose will dig deep into your power of perseverance because of the challenge. Balance on your sit bones and roll the shoulders away from the ears. Lift the heart, gaze, hands, and feet upward. If you round in the back you will rock backward. Squeeze the thighs and point the toes for added lift. An easier variation would be to bend the knees or place the heels on the ground. Show us your variation of Boat pose this week and post on social media, please use the #sunshineposeoftheweek and #sunshinetribe!

Love and Light,

Showcase is coming!
MONSTER MASH! Sunshine's 5th Annual Aerial Showcase.

Our little witches have been brewing up new aerial skills all year for a chance to put on a show for you. Join all the Ghouls, Monsters, and Creatures for a swinging good time.

This year our showcase will be Saturday, October 2nd, at RED's Roadhouse, 1170 East Kennedale Parkway. Kennedale, Texas 76060. Kids go on at 6:00 pm, and adults start at 7:00 pm. We will have a food truck out back and cocktails available at the bar. Stay for the after-party with music performed by Kerry Freeman.

The venue is inside, so the party is on rain or shine.

Costumes are highly encouraged! $100 cash prize and trophy for the best costume! Pre-sale tickets are $30, kids $20 purchased before September 30th. All tickets will be $40 at the door.

Buy a VIP table for your whole group. This year we have a limited number of VIP Tables available for $450. This package includes tickets for 10 and is reserved in the best location with the best view. First come, first serve! When you buy this option, schedule a private session with your favorite Aerial Teacher for $50.

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