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Sunshine Salutation February 13th, 2022

Every yogi has their own story. The reason why they came into the studio for the first time or the reason they rolled out their mat for the first time. Some come in for weight loss or fitness. Some come for healing and stress relief. One new friend came in because he lost a bet with his son and had to practice yoga for two months. He fell in love with what yoga did for his body and his mind and I know he will practice yoga for the rest of his life.

I remember the day Mallory came into the studio for the first time, in August 2019, with her beautiful family. After coming in for the first time she signed up for Yoga Teacher Training and now she is a gifted yoga teacher. Her story is one of healing and love.

Meet Mallory; this is her story...

To me yoga means freedom. A life free of disease and depression. Yoga gave me the tools to strengthen my mind and body. I have always wanted to help people and I found my calling through teaching yoga.
At the tender age of 14, I was diagnosed with lupus. I slapped a smile on and started my freshmen year sick but hopeful. When I was 17, I had a baby who unfortunately passed soon after he was born. At 18 I was diagnosed with kidney disease. Feeling completely helpless and living every day in fear really wears on the body and soul. In 2012 at age 21 my disease had progressed so much I had to undergo 6 rounds of chemotherapy. The worst 6 months of my life if you were to ask me. On my last infusion, I was determined to change my life and reclaim my health. I started looking into holistic healing and eastern approaches to heal. I have always been interested in the "hippie-dippy stuff" like astrology, numerology, and energy. My research took me to crystals, chakras, and yoga. I started to understand trauma and how curing and healing aren't the same thing. A cure requires you to hand over your power while healing asks you to take back your power. That is exactly what I did. I was taking my power back. I began to change my attitude and mindset around this disease that had controlled me. I picked up crystals and yoga books diving in eagerly. Although I had a home yoga practice, I didn't really get the how and why and what was happening when I practiced. Later in 2013, 6 months of being in remission a good friend of mine went through a life-shattering accident that left his 6-year-old son Riley fighting for his life. My heartfelt call to help after seeing how helpless this sweet kid was. I had turned my trauma into power. The power to help and support others who too felt powerless. Slowly but surely, they both started to heal but that's another story. In 2015 I gave birth to my very perfect healthy baby Remi. My ever-supportive now husband and I turned grief into love. Life became busy and I strayed further and further from yoga as I adapted to mom life. When my kids become more independent, I was desperate to find myself again. Yoga has always been a part of me. Having a background in cheer and tumbling I felt pulled to move my body and dig deeper into this sacred practice. I started by taking a few garden yoga classes here and there. I had won a 2-week pass to Sunshine Yoga Shack at a silent auction in 2017. It looked like such a fun place but I was too self-conscious to attend a class. I let another year go by as I was coaching gymnastics but knew I wanted more. I signed up for teacher training with Lynn and the rest is history. I didn't know at the time but this would be one of the greatest decisions of my life. I dove into my practice and never looked back. I am thrilled to say I have stayed in remission for the last 9 years and teaching yoga is one of life's greatest joys. You can catch me Monday nights at 4:30 for heated yoga. Wednesdays at 9 for aerial fundamentals, 10:30 for just yoga & 7:30 heated. When not teaching I love taking care of my plants, playing my sound bowls, and watching movies with my husband and kids. I am filled with gratitude for everything I have been through and where I am now. I never thought I would have a "normal quality of life" and here I am living life to its fullest with nothing standing in my way. 

Mallory's story fills me with hope. Sign up now for her Equinox workshop with Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Bowls, the link is below.

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