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Sunshine Salutation February 6th, 2022

Magic lives within you and all around you. It wasn't until I practiced yoga for years that I started to see the magic in me. Let me tell you, once I saw and felt the magic within myself, I could see it in everyone and everything.

The word we use at the end of yoga practice," Namaste' ", has many different translations depending on where you look and whom you ask. However, the meaning which resonates to me the most is, "There is a divine light which resides within you, I see your light, I am honored by your light as it is the same light which resides within me. We are connected and united by this light and I bow to the light which lives in you." The light in the word Namaste' is that magic. You can feel it when you practice. You can feel it in the studio surrounding you. You can see it in others as they practice.

Our Jessica is full of magic and has always made me believe in unicorns and treasure at the end of every rainbow.

Meet Jessica; this is her story...

My yoga journey began back in the early 2000s when I signed up for a yoga class at TCC. The instructor was in her 50s, and she taught yoga and dance. My immediate thought was, "I want to be her when I grow up." After that class, my yoga practice was off and on. I focused more on dance and fitness while struggling through my own body image issues and dealing with that in both healthy and unhealthy ways. I took yoga classes at gyms and the occasional studio and would even strap my yoga mat to my back, jump on my bike, and ride to outdoor spaces to practice on my own because it was within my budget. Fast forward to 2017, when I found myself in an unhealthy work environment and desperately needing a change. I recalled my first yoga instructor and decided, with some urging from supportive coworkers, that I would become a yoga instructor by the time I turned 40. I saw a deal online for aerial yoga and decided it would be fun to try. I met Lynn and immediately fell in love with Sunshine Yoga Shack. It was there that my yoga practice truly connected for me. After a year of focusing on my practice, I began YTT and Aerial training. I was able to quit my job of 17 years at the end of 2019 and focus on doing what I love. Being able to sustain me financially through a pandemic has shown me that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do. Yoga has helped me to grow into a better version of myself. I still have my hangups and off days, but when I am on my mat, taking the time to move and feel and work through all of the things life throws at me, I feel better, stronger, and more capable than I ever have. My body image issues will occasionally rear their ugly heads, but yoga empowers me to embrace everything about myself and find gratitude in all of the things that make me who I am. I also feel so incredibly blessed to be part of such an amazing community of people at The Shack. I love being able to teach yoga because I get to share this little piece of magic with others in hopes that they too can see all of the amazingness within them.  

Jessica is an artist and has many items for sale in the boutique. You can see her artistry in her aerial performances and in the way she teaches. Jessica teaches Yoga and Aerial on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Sunshine. Check her out at Painting with a Twist in Grapevine as well.

Take a fresh look at our schedule we have some fantastic changes going on. Last month we added Sunshine Kids Yoga to the Sundays and they have been having a great time. Look at what's happening this week.

We have moved Ashtanga 60 to 9:00 am on Monday. What is Ashtanga? Ashtanga is the foundation of yoga. A preset sequence of flowing postures linked together with the breath. Similar to vinyasa flow & power, but without music- the breath is our music! We warm up with sun salutations to prepare the body for standing postures & then make our way onto the mat for active seated postures. Great for beginners yet challenging for the most advanced yogi!

Jennifer has created an amazing new format for any yogi or aerialist. Yoga Pump takes your practice to the next level! By using breath, and adding light weights to traditional yoga poses you will burn calories, increase core strength, build lean muscles, and shape and tone your entire body!
This is a 60-minute class and is good for all levels of yoga and weight experience. This class is a challenge but as always, move at your own pace. Yoga Pump will be on the schedule on Saturdays and space is limited.

Mallory will host an amazing Spring Equinox Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Bath on Sunday, March 20th at 3:00 pm. Also, Sunshine Schoool of Yoga has many training opportunities to come. Sign up below.

We love reviews, Mique had some wonderful things to say about the studio. read more below.

Find your magic this week at Sunshine and book your classes now.

We still need your vote for BEST Yoga Studio in Mansfield, Arlington, and Grand Prairie. see the link below to cast your vote for Sunshine Yoga Shack!

Love and Light,

Our Kids program is full of SUNSHINE. Sunshine Kids Yoga is back on the Schedule as of Jan 23rd. Book your child's spot now.
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