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Sunshine Salutation June 26th, 2022


What does Freedom mean to you? When I was young freedom meant getting to stay out late or eat what I want for dinner. (I usually wanted chips) As an adult I think more about financial freedom and what I will do when I retire. During different stages in our life we will have different definitions on what freedom means.

When I think about freedom as a yogi it expands to a whole new level. As my yoga practice became stronger I would have moments of strength and vitality. Sometimes my yoga practice makes me feel as if there is nothing I cannot do. I feel a freedom from limitations. In my aerial practice I feel freedom from gravity and it feels as if I am flying.

This weekend think a little about what limits you. Is it your circumstances? Are there ways to improve those circumstances? Is it your mind? Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself or others? Are you able to change your perspective and see the world with hope?

Free yourself this week with some yoga or aerial and book your spot with the link below.

It's official our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification is full starting in August. If you are interested in starting in January there are four spots available at this current time.

We have added two new events in July. First we have Yoga and Art with Jennifer and Cindy on Saturday July 23rd from 2:00-4:00 pm. They will get your creative juices flowing with yoga and lead you through an art project you will be proud of.

Also, we have a wonderful event with Mallory and Kelsey on July 30th from 2:00-4:00 pm. Kelsey is newish to the studio and has many talents. Among them she is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, and Master Aromatherapist. Mallory is RYT-200, Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher, Reiki Level 2, and Certified Sound Healer. They would love for you to join them for Sacred Anointing and Sound Bath. During this event Mallory will play the crystal sound healing bowls as Kelsey plays the native American flute and shamanic drums. It will be a sound bath like no other.

Our Sixth Annual Showcase is up and ready to buy your tickets. This year we offer a World of Pure Imagination with Aerial performances to peak into a world of whimsy. We will have over 20 performances to amaze and astound you. The students and teachers at Sunshine Yoga Shack have been polishing their aerial skills all year and cannot wait to show you what they can do. There is a $100 cash prize and a trophy for best costume. Also, a $100 to whoever finds the Golden Ticket. We will have Food Trucks to feed your fancy and cocktails to quench your thirst.
When the performances are all done we will turn it up for Kerry Freeman, fresh from recording his first Nashville Album at the after-party. To buy your ticket go to eventbrite.

There are a few spots left to sign up as a performer. We have a few rules this year...To perform at the 2022 Showcase, you must attend two aerial classes and two yoga classes in person per month starting in July. Failure to attend classes will result in you being dropped. Also, you must attend one of the dress rehearsals on either October 14th or 15th. Here is the link to register to perform.

Love and Light,

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