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Sunshine Salutation June 26th, 2022


Sometimes the stars really do align. This past Thursday about 30 minutes before sunrise was the peak of a very cool planetary alignment. You can continue to see this event if you get up early enough or stay up all night for the rest of June. You can see the celestial event with the naked eye as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn line across the sky. I had to go out and stand in the middle of the street with my coffee and take in the event. (Only one mosquito bite to report.)

Do you ever have moments whvbnere every part of your life seems to fall into place? You feel as if you are at the perfect spot at the perfect time? A part of the 8 limbed path to yoga is Santosha or contentment. If you look deeper into the meaning of this concept, you will discover it is about accepting and appreciating all that we are, all that we have become, right in this moment. Finding and living with Santosha gives you the ability to step out of the distractions of the mind and see the symphony of life and your part within it. If you have not experienced this concept or feeling in your yoga practice just keep practicing. Look for it in Savasana, it is a little bit of yoga magic you can find in every practice.

Look for contentment within yourself this week and schedule your yoga classes now with the link below.

Our Sixth Annual Showcase is up and ready to buy your tickets. This year we offer a World of Pure Imagination with Aerial performances to peak into a world of whimsy. We will have over 20 performances to amaze and astound you. The students and teachers at Sunshine Yoga Shack have been polishing their aerial skills all year and cannot wait to show you what they can do. There is a $100 cash prize and a trophy for best costume, Also, a $100 to whoever finds the Golden Ticket. We will have Food Trucks to feed your fancy and cocktails to quench your thirst.
When the performances are all done we will turn it up for Kerry Freeman, fresh from recording his first Nashville Album at the after-party. To buy your ticket go to eventbrite.

There are a few spots left to sign up as a performer. We have a few rules this year...To perform at the 2022 Showcase, you must attend two aerial classes and two yoga classes in person per month starting in July. Failure to attend classes will result in you being dropped. Also, you must attend one of the dress rehearsals on either October 14th or 15th. Here is the link to register to perform.

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