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Sunshine Salutation June 5th, 2022


Where is your happy place? Some of us will think about our bedroom, the beach or even being with that certain someone. Can we find our happy place within ourselves?

I have often heard happiness is an inside job and I know it to be true. We look for happiness in outside factors. We think that happiness is a destination. Maybe we equate happiness to a goal or a dollar amount. As long as we search for happiness outside of ourselves we will always come up short.

How can we find that happy place inside ourselves? Ancient yogic wisdom, of course. The yoga sutras are ancient text that outline our path to wisdom or enlightenment. Sutra 1.2 states 'Yogas citta vritti nirodhah', translated this says Yoga ceases the fluctuations of the mind. These vrittis or fluctuations cause our suffering and unhappiness. When we practice yoga consistently, we slow down our breathing. Which enables us to slow down our thoughts. Which allows us to choose one thought over another. This puts us in control of where our thoughts go. Thus, we can find a path to our own happiness.

We try to cultivate a happy place at the studio and we work hard to keep the energy lively and rejuvenating. I would love your feed back on how the studio and classes make you feel. Send me an email at

This summer if full of fun and exciting opportunities to deepen your practice.

  • This Saturday, the 11th we have 2 spots left for Reiki Training at Level One. This is for healing yourself energetically.

  • On June 18th we have Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. This is a 25 hour continuing education course for Yoga Alliance and a great way to know more about aerial yoga.

  • June 25th Jennifer and Cindy will lead a majestic ACRO Aerial Workshop, check out more details through the event link.

  • July 9th we will have Reiki Training at Level 2. This is for using Reiki on others.

  • Mid August we will start Showcase Practice sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. It is not too late to sign up to perform in this years showcase. Check out more information here

  • August 27th we will start our Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification. There are only a few spots left and they are first come first serve. I must have a deposit to hold your place. For more information or to sign up follow this link,

To find out more about any event follow this link

Find your happy place and booking your yoga and aerial classes today.

Love and Light,

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