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Sunshine Salutation March 20th, 2022

Hibernation is an extended period of time remaining inactive with a lower metabolic rate. The roots of the word mean to 'pass the winter'. Winter is over! Spring has sprung! It is time to do some spring cleaning and put away all of the clutter. We know spring is the time to do cleaning around our houses but what do you do for your spirit?

As we welcome the sunshine, what are you doing for your spirit? To clear away the winter blues this week, let's do some spring cleaning for our spirit. Make a list of the things that feed your soul and do more of that! Make a list of the things (and maybe people) that drain your energy and trim them from your everyday life. You are responsible for what you choose to spend your energy on. Choose wisely.

How do I recharge my spirit? I move my body more, which means more yoga and aerial. I also make more time for mediation. When you quiet the mind the sprit will speak to you and tell you which direction to go.

Not sure where to start? Follow the link below and schedule your classes at the studio. We have many new opportunities to move with us. Check them out below.

New Class ALERT! Monday mornings get a new opportunity to jump start your week with Power Yoga by Jessica. Fridays Lynn will swing us into the weekend with a Fun Friday version of Aerial Yoga at noon.

There are so many opportunities for fun and community this spring. Join Jennifer and Cindy for an Art and Yoga workshop. You will use a fluid yoga practice to get your creative juices flowing and then create a beautiful piece of art. Sign up with the link below.

Angela will host a Ladies Yoga, sip and share on April 16th. On May 7th Angela will lead a Partner Yoga and Introduction to ACRO Yoga with her partner Gus.

Our Aerial crew will preform this year at Mansfield Music Alley Festival so mark the date Saturday, April 30th, in Historic Downtown Mansfield.

We would love to hear what you think. Send me an email at Also, what would you like to see at Sunshine? Let us know.

Love and Light,

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