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Sunshine Salutation March 13th, 2022

Sometimes you get lucky but most of the time you have to make your own luck. How do you make your own luck you ask? Hard work dedication and practice play a huge role in achievement. However, mindset might be the biggest asset overall. When we know we can, we will. When we have doubt, we put obstacles in our own path.

Let me talk about this picture. I have been practicing my handstand for 10 years. Growing up I was never that athletic or graceful. I never took dance or gymnastics. I started yoga in 2001 and found peace and fluid movement. Ten years into my practice I could do a headstand and most arm balances. However, the handstand was very hard for me. I worked at it and could do a decent job but most of the time I would fall, have a curve in my back, and I needed support. I worked and I worked and knew I would get there.

My 50th birthday trip was the perfect time to stick it effortlessly. When we do yoga on the beach the earth will shift beneath us, much like in life. Tomorrow I may fall but that won't keep me from trying and working and making my own luck.

What about you? The small victories we find in our yoga practice can help rewire our brain and our mindset. Do you feel lucky? Check out more research on luck in the Popular Science article. The Science of Luck

A big THANk YOU to everyone who came out to visit Sunshine at our Ribbon Cutting with the Arlington Chamber on Thursday. We had a great time and saw some new faces. It is wonderful to be a part of this organization.

We celebrate Saint Patrick's day on Thursday and that means the Pickel Parade will be Saturday, March 19th at 1:00 pm. Join us Downtown on Main street and walk with us in the celebration.

Mallory's Spring Equinox workshop will be next Sunday. She will lead a refreshing yoga practice and sound bowl meditation. Register with the link below.

THE LAST DAY TO VOTE is TUESDAY! Give Sunshine your vote for the BEST Yoga Studio in Mansfield, Arlington, and Grand Prairie. You could win $500 by casting your vote with the following link.

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Our Kids program is full of SUNSHINE. Sunshine Kids Yoga is back on the Schedule as of Jan 23rd. Book your child's spot now.
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