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 We heard from a few DDS representatives in our last survey that there was a desire for increased communication – so we are sending this monthly update to all representatives from our DDS offices. Please visit us at – our website – which includes organizational information and virtual tours! “Like” us on Facebook – to stay up to date on all the engaging ways we deliver on our promise of a great day. If you need more information about our programs or a specific client, please call one of our Program Managers or Case Managers.


Since our last update on COVID on June 24, 2022:  

Positive Cases: there have been six (6) positive cases at Sunshine Village that I reported to the local Boards of Health. This has brought the total positive cases since March 17, 2020- to 234 (142 clients and 92 employees.) 



We sent the BIANNUAL REPORT for our Performance Management System to Area Directors. For Fiscal Year 2022 and the first half of the calendar year 2022, Sunshine Village has done remarkedly well in all critical areas. We enhanced the report – to include an analysis and performance improvement section - for many of the various critical areas. We will be proudly sharing this when the Office of Quality Enhancement visits us- in the fall of 2022 or early 2023. 

If you would like your own copy of this report,

please email Gina Kos at




Bringing the Community to Us: In September, we will be adding “craft-tacular classes” to this program – through a new partner, Mary’s Creative Corner. Our current partners include Out of the Ark, African Drumming, and Music Therapy. From client input, we are now researching adding a science session.


Inclusion: Our CBDS programs in Chicopee, Three Rivers, and Agawam have all secured a variety of career exploration and volunteer opportunities – as well as recreational options, skill development choices, and personal wellness activities – for CBDS clients who are engaging with these partners up to four days a week. On the fifth day, full-time CBDS clients participate in professional development activities at the site to help develop skills for a future career pathway. We are helping people make friends, partake in new experiences, excel in known interests, and grow as individuals in fun and exciting ways.


Transportation: This component of service continues to impact Sunshine Village and our clients. On Monday, July 25, 2022, a transportation provider canceled four van runs because of staffing issues – and these clients all were unable to attend our programs.



 In an effort to continue maintaining effective communication with our employees, we are holding a series of Listening Meetings for employees to share concerns as well as ideas for improvement. We had high levels of satisfaction in the 2021 and 2022 Employee Engagement and Satisfaction surveys and these meetings are just another way to ensure that Sunshine Village remains an Employer of Choice.”


Recruitment: We have three open DSP positions, and one open Driver position (which could change at any time…) and we continue to recruit a Float Nurse. 




Fire Hydrant Project: We continue to receive an incredible amount of positive feedback on our Fire Hydrant Project – which is a beautification project in partnership with the City of Chicopee. Last week, we were featured on WWLP (the segment is on our Facebook page) – and we are now arranging for an interview with The Reminder. We are now in talks with the City of Chicopee to extend this program from a Beautification Project to add volunteer opportunities to paint fire hydrants all one color...making this accessible to clients who are not as artistically inclined.


Entrepreneurial Opportunities: We are selling hand-painted watering cans and assorted vegetables at the Chicopee Farmers Market each Wednesday. We will be planning some “pop-up” retail events over the next year to help our artists sell their homemade or handcrafted products and some of the artists continue their partnership with “It Makes Sense” – a boutique located in Ludlow.


55th Anniversary Celebrations: Last week, we hosted the BLOCK PARTY at Three Rivers and the CARNIVAL at the Litwin Lane campus. Both events were a great success – check out our Facebook page for pictures of the smiling faces! Westover Maintenance Systems will be hosting a CELEBRATION LUNCHEON this week and we have postponed the FIESTA at the Agawam site until September. 


THANK YOU for all you do to help Sunshine Village –together, we are SHINING EVEN BRIGHTER!


Take care,


Gina Kos, Executive Director, and Colleen Brosnan, Director of Day Services

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