Here is your Legislative Update and Action Alert from Tennessee Conservation Voters

Legislative Update and Action Alert 3/10 /2017
Sunlight is the best disinfectant

SB464/HB58 - This bill will make it a requirement for records custodians to accept emailed requests for public information.

Currently, many jurisdictions do allow for emailed requests, but it is optional. This bill is a needed step towards a more consistent and effective open records policy for the state.

Our environment needs strong and uniform open records laws so watchdogs can ensure that our government is working for us.

Another Attack on Storm Water

SB383/HB700 - Last year saw a major attack on storm water run off regulations. If that wasn't bad enough, this bill threatens to exempt local education authorities (LEAs) from paying user fees.

LEAs are among the biggest strain on storm water systems and thus the biggest payers of fees. If they aren't paying their fair share, the rest of us will have to pick up their tab.

Call the Senate Energy Committee by 3/13/2017 and let them know that even the government should pay its fair share!
The Caption Bill

The only restraint on what a bill can be amended into are the parts of the Tennessee Code the original bill opened up. This is how the 90-plus page IMPROVE Act came out of a bill that originally said it merely changed the date by which a commercial driver had to submit a report to the state. These vaguely written bills are known as caption bills and are a headache for any advocate group. We have been following likely captions and will keep the community posted.

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Gas Tax Update

SB1221/HB534,The governor's IMPROVE Act is up in both the House and the Senate Transportation Committees. Its future remains uncertain.


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