Chef's Catering 
Super Bowl 50!
Jan 28 - Feb 7, 2016
Panthers! Panthers! Panthers!

Chef's Catering wants to be invited to your Super Bowl Party. We have just one question. 

What can we bring?  

How about Sandwiches, Wraps and Wings!

An assortment of traditional and specialty sandwiches on assorted breads, croissants and wraps served with assorted meats, chicken salad, cheeses, lettuce, tomato and your choice of side salads. 

Choose from the following side items: potato salad, slaw, garden fresh pasta salad or citrus orzo pasta salad. Select two different salads for up to 15 people and three  for up to 25 people. 

Spicy Chicken Wings Served with blue cheese or ranch dressing and celery sticks  

Iced Tea, Ice Service & Disposable Eating Utensils  
& Disposable Serving Equipment Included.
Add to that our Football Cupcake Bites and your crowd will go WILD!

Pass your order in and we will run it in for
of flavor and fun.

Minimum 10 Guests Please
$13.95 Per Person
Chef's Catering

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