Seafood Update
January 28th - February 1st
Featured Fish!
Fresh East Coast Halibut
East Coast | Fillets cut from 50-85 lb. fish

Fresh East Coast Halibut is a great fish option this week. We secured some beautiful fish for this week at a sharp price from the North Atlantic, and are cutting fillets to order in-house from these larger fish. Great menu addition!
Spotlight Items!
Fresh Eastern Shore of Virginia Clams
Oyster, Virginia | 100 ct. bags

Fresh Virginia clams are rolling in and we have a great supply for deliveries this week. Outstanding local product to feature on menu's!

Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
Chesapeake Bay | Fillets cut from 2-4 lb. & 5-8 lb. fish

Locally caught Rockfish (striped bass) continue to be a great option. We have both 2-4 lb. fish and 5-8 lb. fish available as whole fish or we can fillet at your request.

Local Select & Count Shucked Oysters
Virginia | pints & gallons
Any way you prepare them; these freshly shucked oysters are sure to impress! Gallons, Pints, and 8oz. sizes available. (*Counts are available in limited quantities)

Fresh Venezuelan Crabmeat
Venezuela | Lump & Jumbo Lump | 1# cups | HPP treated
Fresh shot of Venezuelan crabmeat just hit the deck this week. A great alternative until fresh local crabmeat starts showing back up.

Tangier Island Oysters
Tangier Island, Virginia | 100 ct.     

A perfect balance of salt and sweet, with a savory butter/cream finish. A great Virginia oyster.

Cooked Shrimp
All sizes | 10# cases

We carry all sizes of cooked shrimp, great for super bowl parties and events! Chat with your account manager for pricing.

Dry Scallop Pieces
Mid-Atlantic - East Coast | Gallon units

Local Dry Pack Scallop pieces are a great option for all types of dishes including pasta's, soups, and tacos. These are chunks of scallops that can not be sold as a whole dry pack scallops, so are set aside to be sold as "pieces" or "chunks". A great way to save on scallops if you do not need them whole.
Cuttlefish Ink (Squid Ink)
Frozen | 1.1 lb. Jar (500g)

Our high quality Cuttlefish Ink (Squid Ink) is a great addition to your ingredient repertoire. Try a jar of this product with your next order!

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*Availability subject to change