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Hello Friends,

By now, many of you have learned that the National Football League (NFL) has made the decision to extend the regular NFL season by an additional week. We were aware of this but early reports had the league eliminating a Pre Season Game and starting earlier. However, the official decision was announced on March 30th that they would add the extra week at the end of the season, thus, moving the dates for playoffs and, ultimately, the Super Bowl.  As a result of this, Super Bowl 56 will be played on February 13, 2022.  

This left many questioning whether we would move our group to the following week aboard the Mardi Gras. Moving our date to the following week is not an option.

While initially surprised and disappointed to learn this, we decided to make the best of this situation by moving forward with our plans to still offer an Entire Week of Winning and all of our unique Super Events that are the hallmarks of our Super Cruise. Because, you see, we will STILL have a football game to run our signature “Big Grid” prize pool and all of the associated gaming that generates the huge financial payouts on Super Sunday ---- We will be utilizing the NFL “PRO BOWL” as our featured Big Game. For those who are football fans, you know this is often one of the more entertaining exhibition style sporting events to be held. For those unfamiliar with the NFL, the Pro Bowl is similar to other sports’ “All Star Game” where players are voted in by the fans and, therefore, all teams are represented.  These games are often high scoring events where the score changes frequently and this bodes well for Super Cruisers as this means you have multiple opportunities to cash in on scoring combinations, touches and even ‘been there’ chances. ·        The Pro Bowl is a fun and entertaining event --- in fact, your favorite players are likely going to be in the game (unless they actually qualify to play in the Super Bowl !) You can wear your favorite team jerseys to represent your fandom while onboard!

The Super Cruise has experience with something as serious as a date change ----- after the events of Sept 11, 2001, the NFL elected to sit out a week in a show of solidarity for those in our country. When the NFL went dark for a week in 2001, they elected to move the 2002 Super Bowl back one week. . The Big Grid and Super gaming events were based on the two Conference playoff games.  Despite everything that went on in the prior months, the 1400+ guests that chose to sail in 2002 wanted and needed a vacation and relished the idea and, ultimately, the experience of being with friends & family on what turned out to be a hugely successful cruise.

We’re adopting the same philosophy and hope that you will too.  Carnival’s new Mardi Gras has been voted “Most Anticipated Future Cruise Ship” and we’re excited to be part of the inaugural season! We hope that you will be convinced that the Super Cruise is still a super event not to be missed and that you will continue to join us.

As we get additional information we will share it with you. Should you have additional questions, please send them to us at


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