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We are only 2 weeks away from our MARVELous night! Come network and have fun with the Atlanta Gladiators !!!! 
on Saturday, March 23th. Our Meet & Greet will start at 6:00 pm where the Marvel Superheroes will make an unforgettable appearance and then stay for the Game, which will start at 7:30 pm. 

The Atlanta Gladiators, features a roster of exceptional international talent and top NHL prospects and is partnering with GHCA to support its education programs. A portion of the box office will be directed to the GHCA initiatives to develop and promote the Hispanic Construction industry throughout Georgia.

Buy your tickets now!  https://bit.ly/2PQ4tDt


We are really proud to be a part of the Gwinnett County Public Schools 8th Annual Career Summit. 
We had the opportunity of sharing our mission with high school students, their parents, and mentors. 

It was great to give a glimpse of
what the students can accomplish if they decide to follow a career path in the construction industry. 

Special thanks to  Marc Lefkovits and  Wilson E. Tomala, former and current Chairmen of GHCA's, for sharing their experiences as successful Hispanic engineers and business owners.

For more information about mentorship opportunities, please contact Nury Castillo Crawford, Director of Academic Support at Gwinnett County Public Schools.
Business Academy 2019 has been a huge success! From the quality of the presentations imparted by experts in the industry to the participation of the attendees, it couldn't be a more productive and dynamic way to learn!

We have three amazing sessions left from our Business Academy! Ya estamos a solo tres clases para que culmine la Academia de Negocios 2019! No te pierdas la clase de Tecnologia, Manejo de Proyectos y Ventas & Mercadeo! 
We encourage you to attend these sessions that will equip you and take your business to the next level! 
We count with the support of great experts in the Industry that are willing to share all of their knowledge with you! 

Each session brings crucial information for anyone that wishes to be involved in the construction Industry! 
If you are a business owner or plan to start your own business, don't miss these classes. Program ends March 26th! 
We are continuously searching for ways to serve our members to help them grow. 
Thank you Rick Baker from Merrill Lynch for sponsoring this educational program!  

Llame al 404-229-8070 o reg√≠strese aqu√≠
Visit our Facebook page for more details  @SOMOSGHCA 

Dear Members!!! Any HOT DEALS or special offers you have going on in your business?! Please let us know about your current promotions! We want to share them and help you expand your business! 

7 tips to stay safe at a construction site:

1) Always wear the appropriate clothing
Although it may seem inevitable that a construction worker must wear the appropriate clothing when performing any form of building work, many incidents do occur due to a lack of protective apparel. Ultimately, what you wear whilst working is going to act as the biggest barrier to an injury due to the nature of the job being very physical. At an absolute minimum hard hats, safety boots and high visibility clothing must be worn at all times to help to protect you from danger. However, there are many other types of safety garments on the market such as respiratory masks, safety goggles, high grip gloves and noise cancellation earmuffs that although less heard of, should be used to limit any chances of injury and/or long term developing conditions.

2) Lift objects properly
Back aches and strains are any construction workers worst enemy. Not only it can prevent you from doing your job but can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.  It is important to ensure when lifting heavy objects you always bend your knees, avoiding twisting from side to side. When lifting objects, ensure that one leg is positioned in front of the other to give you a more grounded surface area to balance your body.

3) People crowding the work area
Industrial and construction work place environments can often be extremely busy. It is important that extra care is taken to ensure that areas where machines are active should be clear of people at all times of operation. The horn of the vehicle should be used to warn people of active machinery. The reverse gear warning sounds should be tested on the machinery regularly so that people on the site can be aware of when a vehicle is reversing.

4) Consider weather and environmental conditions
At different times of the year weather conditions can vary immensely and it is therefore important to be wary of this. When operating machinery on slopes in wet and icy weather conditions take extra care and time to carry out maneuvers as surfaces can be slippery.

5) Be vigilant with safety equipment
As a construction worker you are exposed to machinery with electrical installations. It is important that you fully understand the safety precautions of the electrical equipment before using it. If you are using portable devices such as drills, always check that the power supply is provided with an earth leakage circuit breaker and ensuring that they have no contact with water.

6) Keep the work area tidy
Accidents and injuries can occur at any place and at any time, however they can be prevented if the area you are working in is kept tidy. Ensure all wires, loose tools and equipment are moved from the work area when they are not in use. This not only provides yourself but other workers with a clear working space. This can prevent you from tripping over objects or any other obstacles that may be in your way.

7) Take care when getting on and off heavy machinery
Getting on and off equipment can be a very dangerous task if it is not performed in a safe way. To avoid any injuries in this process it is important to ensure you use high grip gloves which will allow you to grasp the machinery easier when getting on and off. If you have access to hand and foot holds use these when maneuvering yourself up and down the heavy machinery, if you do not have access to these then a stepladder will also do the job.

source: https://skyguard.com
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