Educating People for the Good of the Horse!
Goodtoknow Horses

Through innovative programs, clinics and seminars, Goodtoknow Horses, a 501(c)3 organization, seeks to help people improve their horsemanship skills and understanding of the horse, in turn, improving the lives of their partners, the horses.
Announcing the Super September Educational Clinics at Maplewood

Make plans to attend the Super September Educational Clinics at Maplewood Stables in Reno, Nevada! Under the umbrella of the non-profit Goodtoknow Horses, we’re offering five clinics in 2020 that seek to fulfill our mission of “Educating People for the Good of the Horse.”
This year’s series includes:
  • Young Horse Trainer School – September 1-6 – with clinicians Jose Alejos, Linda Allen and Julie Winkel

  • Sport Horse Conformation Seminar – September 7-8 – with clinicians Dr. Danny Marks, Dr. Chrysann Collatos and Julie Winkel

  • Course Design School – September 9-10 – with clinician Linda Allen

  • Hunter/Equitation Judge’s School – September 11-13 – with clinicians Fran Dotoli and Julie Winkel  

  • Trainer Symposium– September 14-15 – with clinicians Nanci Snyder, Julie Winkel and Juliana Zunde
Attendees have the opportunity to study and learn from industry leaders in the equestrian world, including an Olympic Games Show Jumping course designer, a Show Jumping Hall of Fame member and USET veterinarian, renowned Hunter and Equitation judges and course designers, Sport Horse Conformation specialists as well as internationally sought-after horse trainers from the United States and South America.
Join us to learn new riding and horsemanship skills and soak up knowledge and expertise from world-renowned experts in their respective fields!
For more information and to register for the Super September Clinics, please visit the Goodtoknow Horses website ( ).

Contact: Julie Winkel ( ) or (775) 742-4615.

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Our Mission

Our primary objective is to provide education to people for the good of the horse through clinics, events, workshops, lectures and seminars, and to provide public and charitable services with this purpose.