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                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
New York, N.Y., May 24, 2016- Greetings from Tromaville!  

Every month on Troma Now, Troma Entertainment's online streaming 

video on-demand service, featured extras are added to augment the 

exclusive, insider content available only to the channel's subscribers. 

a Tromatic celebration of   sexual diversity (including those with 

murderous slant), Double Dementia and the Troma Team have  curated  an 

intriguing selection of   Troma's newest short films and  behind the  scenes

 video  to offer subscribers  this month, it was announced today by Lloyd

Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

Horror Boobs  is a carefully curated compilation of the best boob shots in Troma's Legacy 

Titles include,  Horror Boobs a compilation of the very BREAST of Troma,

curated by John Brennan (Creator of "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner"),

and includes TROMAtic extras, for example a compilation of Lloyd 

Kaufman's favorite Horror  Penises plus a  killer commentary.

Horror Boobs was cr eated by Matt  Desiderio and Katrina Basilio.  The trailer 

is available on Troma Movies' YouTube, here!   

Lloyd Kaufman's personally curated  Horror Penises goes toe-to-toe with
Horror Boobs this month on Troma Now! 

Other contributions from John Brennan this month include Behind 

the  Chopsticks  an episode from the  mid-

season  series  of  specials  from    Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner In this special 

we  are  granted a  sneak peek  into the tri-sexual sordid past of  Kabukiman's 

love life,  as well as  the fall from  grace he suffered as a  consequence of his 

sexual  imprudence. 


The most recent imaginative sex-scapade from John Brennan  to terrorize 

Tromaville this  month on Troma  Now is the exclusive World Premiere of the 

newest "Dolphin Man" Short- Movie,  Dolphin Man Battles The 

Sex  Lobsters, a character driven series  which originated 

in  Summer  of  2015  when Troma  Movie's  YouTube premiered  The 

  Than ksgiving  Special;

When Kabukiman contracts a terrible STD called "Sex-Lobsters" and spreads 

it all  over Tromaville, nobody  knows who to blame or how to take the toxic 

mutant  pests down! Once again, it  takes none other than aquatic mammalian 

hero  Dolphinman to save the day!

The World Premiere of
Dolphin Man Vs. The Sex Lobsters will be streaming June 1st on Troma Now!

Other extras this month include the behind-the-scenes casting video 

for  Troma production, Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 1  and a Public 

Service  Announcement from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker

on Hermaphrodite Awareness, originally created to correspond with the 

release of  Lloyd Kaufman's Terror Firmer.  Not to be missed is music video

The Cleaner, directed by Kaufman, from rock band "Faggot". 

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