Photo: Claire Matches 
Last month’s Superyacht Challenge Antigua featured close racing in the Corsair Class with  Nilaya  (foreground) prevailing and the ketch  Rebecca edging  Spiip  on a tiebreaker for second.
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2019 superyacht racing is off to an exciting start with more great competition ahead.
Last month was highlighted by two successful regattas - the 9th annual Superyacht Challenge Antigua and Auckland’s Millennium Cup . Down under participation is expected to jump significantly in 2020/21 with the America’s Cup certain to attract a meaningful superyacht fleet.
A robust Bucket regatta promises terrific class racing in St Barths next month and early tallies from the Med are pointing to fleet gains at both the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta and the Palma Superyacht Cup in June.
The SYRA Superyacht Racing Rules and Fair Sailing committees had a productive fall and winter. Afterguard members are advised to familiarize themselves with the changes to the Appendix SY . The applicable Case Studies and the 2019 appendix are worth checking out in the ‘Rules Corner’ section below. We encourage member participation in our SYRA committees. We are planning committee meetings in St Barths in addition to our Annual General Meeting (more on that below and in follow-on emails to members).
A discussion about Class Breaks at any regatta can lead to a lively and even impassioned exchange. You can learn more about all that goes into this challenging process in our ‘Fair Racing’ article.
Fleet Building is in everyone’s interest – organizers, yacht owners, the superyacht industry and professional sailors. Working together, we can grow superyacht racing by attracting new owners and retaining current participants. The SYRA’s Fleet Building Committee is making inroads. The Corinthian Spirit Class initiative has legs as evidenced by the eight yacht class at the 2018 Perini Navi Cup , a class debut in Palma, and a six yacht class at last year’s Bucket. Please join us in St Barths as we consider potential initiatives and address the real and perceived barriers to superyacht racing.   
We are very pleased to welcome aboard seven new members since the Fall newsletter! I look forward to seeing and hearing from members, new and old, during the 2019 regatta circuit. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out.   

Peter Craig
Peter Craig
SYRA Executive Director
Coming Soon to a Regatta Near You
SY PINK GIN VI - They don’t come bigger than this in advanced carbon composites. At 54m the Baltic 175 Pink Gin is the largest carbon fibre sloop in the world and her award winning design and engineering makes her a stand out yacht. She bristles with innovation including two topsides’ fold-out balconies, one providing the perfect picture window in the owner’s suite, the other a stunning entrance into the accommodation lobby adorned with Cuban artwork.

SY PINK GIN VI will participate in the 2019 St Barths Bucket Regatta
Photo: Courtesy Baltic Yachts
With naval architecture by judel/vrolijk & co and accommodation and deck styling by Design Unlimited this is a yacht as much at home cruising the oceans of the world as she will be on the racecourse, complete with baby grand piano, pewter-topped bar and two boom-mounted chandeliers when at rest!
Photo: Tim Wright
21-24 March
34 superyachts are entered in the 2019 edition of the Bucket.There are four strong ORCsy Classes, and a Corinthian Spirit Class will be in play for the 3rd consecutive year.
Photo: Carlo Borllingi
3-8 June
The 12th edition of the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta presents a new format, with racing extended by one day to allow for any cancellations. Unique courses winding through the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago are an attraction for any yacht owner, crew or guests. The Wally Class returns following a one-year hiatus.
Photo: Claire Matches
19-22 June
The longest running superyacht regatta in Europe has recorded no fewer than 20 provisional entries months in advance. The 23rd edition will again attract an impressive fleet of superyachts to Palma de Mallorca.
Photo: George Bekris
25 - 27 July
Bannister’s Wharf and the Newport Shipyard will co-host their New England Superyacht regatta in the legendary yachting town of Newport, Rhode Island. This mid-summer event will include a Corinthian Spirit Class for entrants looking to race without spinnakers or additions to their permanent crews.

Faces in the News
Lamberto Tacoli

In May, 2018 Lamberto Tacoli took over as the new Chairman and CEO of the Perini Navi Group. “I am extremely pleased and proud to contribute to this project, which I strongly believe in,” remarked Tacoli. “We will continue to strive to make our world renowned brand an even stronger representation of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.”
Rules Corner
Changes to the Appendix SY
Staggered start and pursuit racing formats for superyachts creates no shortage of overtaking situations on the race course. In order to minimize dangerous situations when yachts with limited maneuverability are in the process of being overtaken, RRS 17 was modified in the original Appendix SY.

In recent years there has been a fair amount of discussion, and little in the way of consensus, about overtaking superyachts on the same tack while sailing different angles. The original language in the Appendix SY, as it pertained to Rule 17 and proper course when overtaking to windward or to leeward, left room for uncertainty. This then led to some inconsistencies with the application of the rule at different regattas, which resulted in confusion for competitors on how this rule applies.

The SYRA’s Superyacht Racing Committee met in Porto Cervo last spring on this issue and continued the dialogue in subsequent months. The end result was World Sailing approving modifications to the latest edition of the Appendix SY (version 3.1 December 2018), which now includes a definition for ‘ Overtaking’ (SY2.4) and revised language for Rule 17 ‘On the Same Tack; Proper Course’ (SY2.9).
SYRA Committees
Getting Together in St Barths
With many superyacht owners, Captains, regatta organizers and industry leaders in St Barths for the Bucket, it’s a great opportunity for our SYRA committee members get together to refine and confirm priorities for 2019.
SYRA Annual General Meeting (Wed/20 Mar, 1700 Salle de Theatre)
The AGM will again take place on the Wednesday evening prior to racing. We start at 5:00pm, giving those practicing on Wednesday a chance to get back ashore. We will keep it brief with the meeting ending no later than 6:15. Beer and wine will be served immediately following the meeting, allowing for a quick catch up for the attendees. SYRA members are encouraged to attend!
Fleet Building Committee (Tues/19 Mar, 0845 Capitainerie 2nd Floor )
The newest of our committees and one with the important goal of attracting new owners to superyacht racing and retaining those who currently race.
Superyacht Racing Rules Committee (Wed/20 Mar, 0845 Capitainerie 2 nd Floor )
This committee had a productive 2018 as evidenced by the changes to Version 3.1 of the Appendix SY and one new Case Study.
Fair Racing/Handicapping Committee (Thur/21 Mar, 0845 Capitainerie 2 nd Floor )
There is no shortage of issues to cover when it comes to ‘fair racing’, including ORCsy handicapping, course configuration-circular random, scoring wind ranges, OPF’s and class breaks.
All SYRA members are invited to sit in to observe and/or participate in any of these three committee meetings. Meeting days and time are subject to change. Please check on site.
Current composition of all four committees can be found on the SYRA website .
2019 Regattas
Millennium Cup : 30 Jan - 2 Feb
SY Challenge Antigua : 31 Jan - 3 Feb
St Barths Bucket : 21 - 24 March
Superyacht Cup Palma : 19-22 June
The Candy Store Cup : 25-27 July
Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup : 1 - 7 September

2019 Shows
Dubai Int. Boat Show : 26 Feb - 2 Mar
Monaco Yacht Show : 28 Sept - 1 Oct
METS (Amsterdam) : 19-24 Nov

Fair Racing

Class Breaks
A Challenging Task for Regatta Organizers
In superyacht racing, perhaps more than other regattas featuring handicap competition, determining proper class breaks is critical to fair racing and the yacht owners’ enjoyment. One reason for this is the exceptional disparity of the yachts, which can put excessive pressure on the handicap rule. A typical fleet at the St Barths Bucket features schooners, sloops and ketches with length and displacement ranges of 30-75 metres and 70-600 metric tons, respectively. Add to the mix the fleet’s speed range, that has in some cases been in excess of 4 minutes a mile!!
Photo: Michael Kurtz, Pantaenius
‘Diverse’ is one word that describes most superyacht racing fleets. Size is one of obvious factors organizers must consider when determining class breaks.

No matter what the fleet size, deciding on classes become a very important exercise for regatta organizers. Above and beyond the speed potential and sailing characteristics of the yachts there are many variables that must be considered.

Fleet composition, class size, trophies, the potential for class mixing and safe racing are all important.
The organizer must make decisions based on what is believed to be best for the majority of the fleet, within the constraints that fleet composition presents. It is no surprise that it can be difficult to make every entrant happy with class breaks.
There is rarely consensus among yacht owners, captains and afterguards on the question of large classes with moderately disparate yachts versus small classes with more similar yachts racing together. It is ultimately a subjective decision and many competitors do not have the perspective that includes an organizer’s limitations and all the variables and factors for the entire fleet when presenting their opinions.
Most organizers use a ‘class break worksheet’ to assist with this critical task. With the help of the Rule Authority (ORC), the fleet is presented with critical measurement data that includes ratings, displacement, LOA, DLR, Sail Area/Displacement ratios, to name but a few. An example of that worksheet can be found here .  The organizer can then evaluate the sailing characteristics of the fleet, incorporating any limiting factors and other considerations. For the bigger regattas, the ORC and SYRA technical representative use email and/or conference calls to help work through the issues and determine the best option.
For the St Barths Bucket, lessons learned over the years have resulted in preliminary breaks being posted and emailed to captains a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event. Captains are encouraged to share this with their owners and afterguard members and provide timely feedback as opposed to doing so on site. The accompanying letter spells out the factors and considerations that have been taken into account so there is a general understanding as to what drove the decision-making process. example from 2017 is posted here .
To state the obvious, there is no one “right answer” to class breaks. With the many variables and factors to consider, the organizer’s goal is to produce class breaks that will best provide fair and enjoyable racing for the entire fleet.
Company Spotlight - HARKEN
Harken ® is focused on remaining At The Front of the superyacht market and continually designs fresh performance solutions to provide owners and captains with products that allow them to get ever more performance. As superyachts get larger and larger, and are raced more aggressively, the need to have equipment that can manage the loads is essential. Harken salutes the SYRA.
Pulling Together
Let’s work together to develop a stronger, more robust superyacht racing community and enhance the enjoyment of all owners. 

Members are invited to join our committees and working parties. Updates on those groups that are active are in process this spring.

If you have interest in actively participating, please contact  
Information on SYRA membership is posted here . Please consider joining and supporting our mission and goals. Contact
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Welcome New SYRA Members!
SYRA is pleased to welcome these new members:

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