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Temik is back as AgLogic aldicarb.
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Let’s face it—seed treatments don’t work as well as they used to. AgLogic 15GG aldicarb has the same active ingredient, granular formulation and outstanding performance as Temik. Growers trust AgLogic aldicarb to provide their crops with stronger roots, faster grow off, greater canopy, increased plant vigor and significantly higher yields.
AgLogic vs Seed Treatment
Cotton treated with AgLogic grows faster, taller and has a stronger root system.

AgLogic 77 bolls vs Urea + Imidacloprid 38 bolls vs Imidacloprid 30 bolls
Cotton treated with AgLogic once produced nearly 2X the bolls as plants treated twice with Imidacloprid.
AgLogic 15GG Aldicarb Protects Your Investment
Cotton, Peanuts, Dry beans
Soybeans, Sugarbeets, Sweet potatoes
Growers See Results in the Field and Their Bottomline
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Cotton, Peanuts, Dry beans
Plan for Better Results in 2021 with AgLogic Aldicarb
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