Message from the President & CEO
The Evolution of a Leadership Program

In 2020, The District of Muskoka received the Professional Development Award from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA). The award recognized the District’s commitment to leadership development. This is the second award they have received in this category for collaboration on, and implementation of, MCE’s Future Ready Leadership programs. 

The first award was for Future Ready Leadership Level 1. Having almost 60 graduates from this program, Michael Duben, CAO at the time, wanted something for his more senior leaders. Together with Anna Landry, the District’s Director of Human Resources (now retired), and MCE, Future Ready Leadership Acceleration was born.

After the award and during COVID, we decided to revisit the program. We knew it was solid; however, we thought it could be more. How could we make it even more beneficial for senior-level leaders? 

The inaugural program consisted of 3 assessments, individual coaching, and 4 pre-determined training days. The format worked, but we knew it could be further enhanced. What if we created our own 360 assessment/feedback tool based on the leadership competencies MCE uses in our FRL series? What if we allowed the participants to select their own coach? What if we custom-designed the 4 days of training to match the needs identified in the combined 360 report? 

Before moving ahead, we wanted to review our ideas with our loyal clients at the District and surrounding municipalities (as they also had graduates of the original program). We held a virtual focus group with HR leaders, including Anna Landry, Jackie Mattice, Jeff McWilliam at District of Muskoka, Nicole Abofs at County of Simcoe, Claire Evans, and Lori McDonald at Bracebridge, and Simon Stafford at Oakville.
Then we reached out to Michael, now the CAO of Oxford County, and Amy Smith, HR Director of Oxford County. After a few discussions with them, we incorporated their ideas into the program which we launched in May. The program is approximately 8 months in length, allowing for sustainable learning and application.  

We love the collaboration and enthusiasm. We love that we now offer a unique program to leaders of leaders.  

Stay tuned for updates. For more detail now, check out the brochure below.  

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
Future Ready Leadership Acceleration
It's Leadership Accelerated.

The newest course to the MCE Future Ready Leadership (FRL) journey is Acceleration - a course providing Senior-Level leaders with the behaviours and interpersonal capabilities critical for developing the strategic and operational efficiencies that create a lasting leadership legacy throughout an organization (Be sure to read the above piece by Audie on the origin of the program).

FRL 2 makes for a great pre-requisite or any senior-level leadership with other management staff reporting to them (supervisor or management level).

Future Ready Leadership Acceleration (FRLA) is a highly customized, personally challenging, leadership development platform that tests your skills with 360 assessments and enhances your strengths through personalized coaching. It's not for the faint of heart. It's for building up leaders with targeted training based on real competencies. The course is designed with unlimited potential and success measures that ensure real, tangible outcomes for immediate, top-level, leadership growth.

We're excited. And other cohorts are too. Winner of the 2020 CAMA Award, Future Ready Leadership Acceleration is best further explained via our BDO's and brochure. We're hands-on every step of the way. This is the next step in your leadership journey. Take us along with you.
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A Passing of the Baton

We are going through our own Relay of sorts. Sue Elliot
has been strong out the gate and is getting ready to pass the baton off to Leanna DiCecca in pursuit of golden service to our clients in the Peel/GTA/Northern regions.

Expect Sue to podium strong once again in new pursuits. An excellent teammate and good friend of MCE. Thanks Sue!
A Late Game Substitution

Top forward-thinker Aisha Zafar is being substituted - into the maternity ward. Coming in is veteran playmaker & Instructional Designer Donna Stevenson, on a fresh new contract, to see our clients get the win they deserve.

Welcome Donna in your enhanced role and best of thoughts to Aisha and her growing team.
A Young Medalist

When we welcomed rookie Alicea Isri to an internship in Sales & CRM Marketing, we saw a champion in the making.

Alicea officially takes gold on August 26 when the internship is complete. We encourage you to reach out to Alicea about the upcoming Shorts Series. You'll hear about what it takes to be a winner in tomorrow's skills today.
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