August 6, 2019
Oliver Shipley might have one of the best assignments in the world— he gets to scrutinize what is arguably Earth’s most fascinating and feared creature in its natural habitat, from the safety of an underwater research submersible.
From the rooftop of the decommissioned Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor at Brookhaven National Laboratory, the HSC at Stony Brook University — approximately 13 miles away — is clearly visible. With this clear line of sight, scientists at Brookhaven Lab and SBU hope to establish a quantum channel over which photons -- single particles of light -- can be sent between the two institutions in open air.
Matthew Lebo 's research focuses on public opinion, presidential and congressional elections, and party politics in the United States and Great Britain. One of his recent papers explores how a high level of partisanship was costly in the 2010 elections. Another paper that he co-authored found that congressional parties gain and lose seats based on the battles won and lost by the president. 
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