The Morris School District is committed to delivering a traditional, rock-solid academic foundation while at the same time investigating innovative learning experiences.  In other words, along with heavy doses of reading and writing, our students are exploring everything from the arts, design, and sustainability, as well as service learning.  The fullness of these learning experiences is outstanding preparation for FMS, MHS, and beyond.  As a result, the academic achievement of our students in our elementary schools continues to soar.  This E-Newsletter celebrates some of these successes this year.  

Thank you students, teachers, counselors, administrators, HSA's, M.E.F. and parents for a wonderful year.   I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer. 

Mackey Pendergrast
Superintendent of Schools 
Reading, Writing & Math
Alexander Hamilton School
Alfred Vail  Elementary School
Hillcrest  Elementary School
Lafayette Learning Center
Normandy Park School 
Sussex Avenue School 
Thomas Jefferson School 
Woodland Elementary School