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Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Greetings, colleagues!

I am pleased to announce that we have restructured our academic leadership teams in order to drive the District’s plan toward Reimagining 901.

When we recruit and retain the best District leaders and teachers in the nation, immerse them in professional development to embrace and teach foundational literacy skill concepts, and entrench them in the community and classroom, great things will happen for our students. We strongly believe, and research supports this belief, that such a focus will accelerate and sustain student success.

As I often say, I am unapologetic about taking any and every step necessary to move our District to a Level 5, premier institution that offers a world-class education for EVERY student regardless of their zip code. We’re moving from intervention to INNOVATION – from good to GREAT. 
Central Office Academic Personnel Changes
As SCS reimagines our Central Office as a collaborative service center that serves schools and families, some leadership positions have been restructured.

School Leadership Changes
While SCS commits to positioning the most effective leaders who are the right fit for the District’s organizational structure, new principals have been named at several schools.

Click here or the image to see the new leadership.
Why We’re Here
As explained during the 2021 SCS State of the District address, the District has some serious inequities that are impacting achievement in schools and growth in communities. Following extensive evaluations to assess our current academic benchmarks, we have narrowed focus toward the academic structure and improving the alignment of departments throughout the District to ensure we have the strongest leaders in the right positions.

Where We’re Headed
The Reimagining 901 plan aims to transform the educational experience for students in every school community in the District. We are working to amplify equitable access to programs and services, providing the best conditions for learning in every building, eliminating barriers, and aligning community resources to create more pathways to success for students. 

Together, we MUST BELIEVE.
Together, we WILL ACHIEVE. 
Together, we are REIMAGINING 901.
Dr. Joris M. Ray,