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Thursday, June 11, 2020
Greetings Awesome SCS Family.

By now you have likely heard that we are contemplating additional instructional time in the 2020-21 calendar as a first step toward addressing the learning loss caused by the pandemic. Adding days to next school year should not be seen as a punishment or an attempt to make up all of the learning loss in one year. The bottom line is that students need more time for learning and extending the school year is one way to start.

On Wednesday night, we shared these considerations with more than 100 teachers in our District Teacher Advisory Council (DTAC). Teachers asked thoughtful questions and shared solution-based feedback about compensation for the extended year, incentivizing professional development requirements, and how the calendar might affect assessments and State testing. 

To be clear, we have not made any decisions about the school calendar yet and continue to seek input. As we plan for the new year and address student learning loss, we look forward to getting more feedback.

I am so thankful to have heard from so many people inside and outside our District who want to give our students more learning opportunities in the coming year. Our students deserve our very best efforts and we cannot let them down at this crucial time.

As always, it’s important to hear authentic teacher, student, and parent voices. We look forward to presenting a thoughtful calendar recommendation soon. 
Dr. Joris M. Ray,