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Thursday, May 7, 2020
Greetings, Awesome SCS Educators.
We had a tremendous turnout with more than 170 schools represented at our first ever District Teacher Advisory Council (DTAC) in February. Due to the closure of schools amid this unprecedented pandemic, our March and April meetings were cancelled. However, last night, we held a virtual DTAC meeting and again had an excellent turnout of teachers who shared thoughtful feedback.
Thank you all for nominating your colleagues to serve on this committee. I’m 100% committed to creating opportunities to maximize AUTHENTIC TEACHER VOICE . As you know, the purpose of the DTAC is to provide a direct line of communication to me for educators to impact the District’s decision-making process, as well as cultivate teacher insights, suggestions and perspectives on critical educational issues. I look forward to our continued conversations. Ultimately, your solution-based feedback will lead to greater student outcomes and success. 
After each meeting, I plan to share a review of the minutes outliningwhat we’ve heard, what we’re doing and the additional actions the District will explore based on DTAC feedback.  Here   are the minutes from February 2020. Although the school year is coming to an end, our goal is to have principals present the minutes to staff during faculty meetings to keep everyone well-informed about DTAC advancements.
During last night's virtual DTAC meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss changes to Content Cadres for the 2020-21 school year. Based on your feedback, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Antonio Burt shared the changes that will be implemented next year as we continue working to support quality teacher engagement and relevant professional learning. 
This  PowerPoint presentation  outlines next year’s changes in full detail, but here are a few highlights: 

64 hours are required (18 District; 18 School; 28 Choice).
  • Summer hours will count. Teachers may earn up to nine (9) hours in June and July before the new year begins.

Leaders and teachers will collaboratively discuss a path assignment.
  • Instead of four (4) paths, Math/Social Studies will have three (3) paths. ELA/Science/all other teacher-types will have two (2) paths.
  • Exploring remains the designated path for new teachers.
  • Teachers will have the option of either engaging in content via Canvas (self-paced online), virtual or in-person.
  • If a teacher selects a self-paced Canvas course, he/she will have a menu of options.

Grading will be modified to Incomplete or Complete.
  • Grading will shift from requiring a 50% mastery rate to now requiring only complete or incomplete status. 

Again, happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for all you do for our students and families. I appreciate each of you.
Dr. Joris M. Ray,