September 18, 2020
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Happy Friday everyone! 

We have been so excited to have students on our campus for the past two weeks. As an educator, it’s what we live for – children in our classrooms. While this year is very different, our staff and students are making great adjustments to our unique start of school. We wanted to thank you for helping us with the new procedures in drop off and pick up, mask/face coverings, and closely monitoring your student’s health. As we’ve shared with you previously, it is imperative that we continue to monitor the health of our staff and students to ensure that we keep our schools open for the remainder of the year.

Just as a reminder, you can monitor the data metrics for our community and school district by visiting We always look at both the district data and the town data. 

Broken, Damaged or Lost Chromebooks: After the return of Chromebooks last spring, 195 of the devices were returned damaged, broken or unusable. For this reason, this is the first year that we have instituted insurance for Chromebooks for families to opt into. We wanted to outline the process should you need to bring your student’s Chromebook into the school because it is broken or damaged. Please look under the Technology Tab on the district website. Please take a look at this, especially if you are interested in purchasing the insurance to cover any damage.

Parent/Family Survey: We will be sending out a survey for families to make the decision about the instructional model should we go back to full time school attendance. This survey will assist us in making staffing decisions about assignments. The selection on this survey will indicate your commitment to the instructional model until the end of the semester. Please look for the survey on the district website by Monday under Latest News as well as on Facebook. The deadline for return will be Tuesday September 29th. We’ll be compiling this information for when we do determine schools will fully open. Right now, there is no date. We are following the metrics from the state with some new guidance about the cases per 100,000.

As a reminder here are the options:

a.      Face to face instruction – my student will regularly attend school. 
b.      Remote instruction - for students who are ill or quarantined and will be available until the end of the first semester.
c.      Virtual Academy – this is independent learning that is self-paced. There may or may not be a teacher assigned to the course and learning structures. Students log in to Schools PLP to complete their coursework and learning.

We know this is a struggle for everyone and often it is just simply hard! Thank you for the support you provide our staff in the school system. Your positivity, kindness, and patience has been a blessing. Thank you! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Kelly Glass

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