Falcon Focus July 15, 2020
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Dear FHUSD Families and Friends,

Thank you for your patience with the technology issues in connecting the link to the parent survey for enrollment options. Please see the “Latest News” on the FHUSD website under School Reopening Plan. There are two links: FHUSD Enrollment Selections – taking you to the survey and School Reopening Plan – taking you to the plan document. The descriptions and links to the different instructional options are included in the document on page 2.

Here is the link to the "Latest News" page on our website: FHUSD Latest News Page

Many of your questions focused on instruction provided in the virtual format. When schools closed in the spring, we were instructed to provide educational resources only due to technology inequity across the state. Many districts were not prepared to deliver instruction through technological means. In some of the poorest or remote areas of the state, devices, wireless service, and other access needs were not available.  This year , we are going to be providing new learning in a platform that facilitates student engagement, teaches the Arizona standards, measures and monitors progress, and provides a parent area for monitoring. We are also required to take attendance this year. We were not required to take attendance last spring. We will be providing intervention opportunities for our children. We are developing expectations for virtual learning for both our staff and students to ensure that our children are learning. Our staff will be attending professional development this fall focusing on research and best practices in virtual learning to increase their skill in the online platform.

While this doesn’t mean that there won’t be hiccups in the initial delivery, we are utilizing your feedback to improve instruction and the educational experience for our children. Again, I want to thank you for your patience while we navigate an ever changing landscape. As new information becomes available or if our plans change, we will communicate the changes with you as soon as we possibly can do so.  

Stay healthy and safe,

Kelly Glass
Fountain Hills Unified School District

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