TO:             Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers

FROM:       Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools

SUBJECT:  Superintendent’s Update

With cooler temperatures rolling in, it looks like we might be getting our first freeze of the year Wednesday night. Since we are getting into the colder parts of our year, I would like to share with you the NISD Weather Protocols we use for bad weather. These protocols are what we do in case we have to make any decisions about altering our school day schedule because of the weather. I don’t expect the next couple of days will give us cause to use these protocols, but I wanted to remind everyone of our processes.

I will always try to make the decision regarding cancelling or delaying school as early as I can on the affected morning, and then we will get the word out to everyone. We will communicate any school closure through our normal communication methods - phone calls, emails, social media, the district website, etc. Remember, if you do not hear from me, we are business as usual.

Everyone be safe!

Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools
Northwest Independent School District