TO:             Northwest ISD Parents, Caregivers, and Staff

FROM:       Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools

SUBJECT:  Superintendent’s Update

First, thank you for dealing so well with the weather. Everyone did an outstanding job taking care of the kids, and I really appreciate that. If you are the parent or caregiver of a bus rider, please give your bus driver a “high five” or at least send up a good thought to our transportation crew. Our drivers did a wonderful job this morning in not so ideal conditions. We will be monitoring the weather again tonight and in the morning, and we will communicate with you if there needs to be an alteration of our school schedules. Looking at the most recent reports, I doubt if we will need to make any weather-related decisions, but just be ready for anything. One issue parents of our bus riders need to be cognizant of – all indications show that it is going to be much colder in the morning, so please take precautions for our kids who will be waiting for the buses. 
Secondly, I apologize about the cancelled Facebook Live presentation that was scheduled for this evening. We have several of our Northwest High School students and staff in the Creative Media Productions Academy who work behind the scenes to make our Facebook Live events happen, and I did not want them staying late tonight because of the chances for more bad weather. I will reschedule this in the next couple of weeks, so I can have an opportunity to update you on district initiatives, and so you can ask questions that are on your front burner. 
Thank you for your support of our children and our schools!

Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools
Northwest Independent School District