TO:             Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers

FROM:       Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools

SUBJECT:  Superintendent’s Update

It is absolutely amazing that we are already to our Thanksgiving Holiday … and three short weeks after Thanksgiving, we will be preparing for our Winter Break. As I get older, the school year goes faster and faster. Before we break for Christmas, I will be updating all students, parents, caregivers, and staff on our first semester and highlighting the remarkable efforts of our children.

So for this short update, I just want to wish all Northwest ISD families a happy, restful, and very safe Thanksgiving. From my point of view as the superintendent of schools, please know that this district’s true blessings are our children and our staff members who work for them every day of the school year. We are having an outstanding school year, and everyone has a role in that. 

From our school board members, to our administrative leadership, to all of our classroom teachers and support staff, we are constantly trying to find ways to get better for our children. We do a lot of things right, but there are many areas in which we must continue to improve for our kids. Please know we are dedicated to doing so.

Thank you for supporting our children and our schools, and again – be very safe during our break, especially if you are traveling.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools
Northwest Independent School District