Skyview High School senior government students joined Gov. Brad Little at the Idaho Statehouse on Oct. 13 as he proclaimed October “Next Steps Idaho” month. Following the signing of the proclamation, Gov. Little invited students to visit and ask questions. The students later worked on both the Apply Idaho and Scholarship Idaho applications with assistance from college and career counselors.
Encouraging Excellence
Excellence comes in many forms. A great example of this occurred when Liam, a Nampa School District fifth-grader, was recognized for excellence in art. He, his building principal, and his parents recently attended the Nampa City Council meeting where he was named as the first “Student Artist of the Month.” Liam’s beautiful sketch of the historic Nampa Train Depot was presented to Mayor Debbie Kling. 
The potential for excellence exists in every child. Our job as educators is to open the world of learning to our students and encourage them to grow in their knowledge and skills. Some, like Liam, will be excellent in art. Others may achieve excellence in writing, math, or the sciences. It may occur within a co-curricular activity, such as athletics or music. It may occur through engagement with one of the trades, such as construction or digital technology.  
Now imagine learning to play in an orchestra just by practicing alone in a bedroom. Imagine learning to do science experiments without having a lab partner and without being in a lab. Imagine learning to read without having a teacher affirming your efforts or a grandparent volunteering to read with you.
COVID-19 has stolen precious educational time from our students. Around the nation, it has disrupted educational performance and produced gaps in learning and knowledge. Nampa, like other districts, has seen evidence of this loss through our standardized tests and through classroom engagement. This year every school has a plan to identify learning gaps and a process to help students move forward and excel.
One of our focus areas is reading proficiency. The Idaho Reading Indicator has provided early literacy information on each K-3 student, and we have made progress moving students toward proficiency. One first-grade teacher has more than doubled the number of students (from 23 to 52 percent) who are proficient with literacy benchmarks. Her fight against learning loss represents the hard work of the Nampa teachers and staff members as they focus on academic excellence.  
Our families recognize this, and they continue to partner with our district to make it happen. For instance, this summer, more than 1,658 Nampa students invested extra time to learn essential skills and information. This extra time produced 1,599 credits. More importantly, it enhanced the abilities of the students who attended.
A couple of weeks ago, the parents and guardians of secondary students participated in parent-teacher conferences. Elementary parents and guardians will have a turn Nov. 10-12. Teachers and parents come together to discuss student progress, outlining where students started, what learning has taken place, and what next steps are needed. This partnership with our parents, caregivers, and community ensures that every child receives an excellent education!
For those who attended conferences a couple of weeks ago, thank you for partnering with us. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to your child. Elementary families, we encourage you to participate later this month. We are stronger when we work together.
The next time you visit the Mayor’s office, look for Liam’s sketch of the historic train station hanging on the wall. His artistic excellence inspired city leaders to commission two artistic contests for the holidays. Regardless of our age, we have the ability to learn and the power to inspire. Thank you for your continued support of Nampa School District as we empower and inspire excellence. 


Dr. Paula Kellerer 
NSD Superintendent 
It's a Dog's Life

Students at Centennial Elementary School celebrated Murph Day, the one-year anniversary of the school's therapy dog, Murphy. Students fed, sang to, and showered gifts on the dog, who has come to be a beloved member of the school community. Happy anniversary Murphy!
Update Your Email Address

Graphic image of mail flying off computer monitor.
Internet provider Sparklight will retire all email addresses that include on Nov. 4. If you had a CableOne email account and haven’t already done so, please make sure your email information is updated in PowerSchool and with your child’s school office.
This change will impact the district’s ability to effectively communicate with parents through PowerSchool and via Remind, Otus and other services.
Parents and guardians who use other email addresses are encouraged to also make sure that contact information is accurate and up to date. This will ensure that emergency messaging is effectively communicated in case of snow days or other emergency situations.
Election Day is Nov. 2
"Vote" button with white stars on fields of blue and red.
Be Sure Your Voice is Heard

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2. Polls are open from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Several school district and city candidates are on the ballot in cities across the county. Visit and click on “sample ballot” for more details.
Local elections affect police and fire safety, property taxes, growth and economic development, housing, roads, libraries, schools and more.
For questions about the election, please call Canyon County Elections at (208) 454-7562. To find your polling place, click here and enter your address.

Students display a flag in the NHS gym as a tribute to veterans
NSD's three traditional high schools – Columbia, Nampa and Skyview – will honor veterans with special patriotic programs on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. See the Calendar of Events for times and locations.
School Resource Officer Ricky Zodrow shared the highlights of his job during Reagan Elementary's annual Red Ribbon Week Career Fair. Students learned about some of the many careers in our community and how to keep their minds and bodies healthy.
Four Nampa FFA veterinary science students pose for a group photo at national competition.
Nampa FFA veterinary science students took 12th place in the nation with a gold ranking. Gavin Coffman and Amie Betzold received silver rankings, Katie Hebdon received a gold ranking and Cydnee Carter was rated seventh in the nation.
Food Supply Chain Shortages Impacting Lunchrooms
School lunch tray with yogurt parfait, breadstick, fruit, broccoli and milk.
Global supply chain issues caused by labor shortages are having a local impact on NSD lunchrooms. Chicken, frozen fruits and vegetables and serving trays are among the hard-to-locate items. Menus were adjusted on at least five days in October because food orders were late or did not arrive at all.

These issues are making building a predictable menu nearly impossible. Parents and students should expect to see frequent last-minute substitutions. Also, the Nutrition Services Department is experiencing the same labor shortages as the rest of the nation. The result is a more limited menu and fewer options available to students because we don’t have the staff required to produce the traditional number of options.  
Despite these challenges, the district continues to look for creative and nutritious alternatives to our standard menu items to ensure that our kids have the opportunity to receive healthy meals at school. You can learn more about this nationwide problem by viewing this KTVB report.
Share Your School Days Memories
Nampa High basketball team players pose for a group photo in the 1950s.
In January 2022, the Canyon County Historical Society will host an exhibit exploring school history in Nampa and the life of a 20th-entury student.

To share your school memories or stories, please reach out to

November Calendar of Events
619 S Canyon St, Nampa, ID 83686
Phone: 208-468-4600