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January 2019
Kitchen Hacks to Make Prep Easier

One of the most time-consuming aspects to cooking--whether in a commercial kitchen or at home--is prep-work: chopping up vegetables, making stock, grating cheese and so on. So it's always a relief when we find ways to make the most frustrating problems of food prep and organization a little easier to tackle with some food hacks. A little knowledge and some key restaurant supplies are all you need to take the annoyance away, and save time.. .

If you're not using it in your personal life, you've likely still heard of Snapchat in the same sentence as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although Instagram and Facebook now have options for live streaming and "stories," Snapchat may still be the fastest way to get the point across and connect with your customers...


Avoid sanitation department fines: Nearly all food prep equipment requires approval by the National Sanitation Foundation. Ensure your foodservice equipment meets NSF stipulations by looking for an authentic blue sticker...

Glassware is an important design element and should reflect the overall theme of a foodservice or hospitality establishment. There are many options to consider before making a purchase.

Glassware typically consists of a bowl, stem and foot, though some glasses are stemless. The design of these features varies depending on the type of beverage served. Standard glassware is shaped by a mold. Higher-end products are crafted from hand blown techniques


Hosting a successful catered event or banquet requires proper preparation and planning. This helpful guide highlights key points to consider when creating menus, designing food displays and serving large groups at off-site events...



 In This Issue

With the start of a new year comes the desire to try new things. Your menu should be no exception. Be innovative by incorporating new food and beverage ideas to shake up your menu. Introduce intriguing recipes that guests are sure to be excited to experience. Read below to find the Top 7 Food & Drink Trends we found for 2019.

Plants Rule!
The plant-based food and beverage movement seems to be one that is expected to continuously grow in 2019 and beyond. The shift to a plant-based diet is a popular trend that has many consumers continuously seeking out vegetarian and vegan recipes and dining spots. Many culinary gurus have been trying out different recipes and you can find a lot of blogs dedicated to highlighting plant-based ingredients or dining spots.
Although this trend has just recently gaining traction, your restaurant is sure to encounter guests who are choosing a plant-based diet for a variety of reasons, whether it be as a means for weight management, to improve their health, or an adherence to moral or religious views. Even if your establishment isn't completely meatless, including a few exciting plant-based recipes will help your menu please all potential guests.

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