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February 2019

Commercial Cookware Maintenance

Properly maintained Cookware will last even the most experienced chefs for several years. So it is important that you keep your pots and pans well maintained to last through the rigors of a restaurant kitchen. Dirty, scratched, dinged, and warped cookware are not only a danger to you and your staff,but also to your customers. Follow these simple steps to properly care for them.


Glass is fragile and can break if not handled or cared for properly. In a busy restaurant or bar, accidents happen. Sometimes breakage is unavoidable, but you can minimize breakage by following these simple instructions.


The easiest way to keep all of your equipment working in tip-top form is to clean, and clean often. There are the obvious hot spots to wipe down, but there are many more that are missed. Keep food poisoning, equipment breakdowns and unsightly work areas out of your business with this comprehensive checklist of seven spots commonly missed while cleaning restaurant kitchens.

The manner in which we are 'eating out' is rapidly changing, especially as more millennials enter the workforce. While dining-in occurs on average 2-3 time a week, 74% of millennials report a preference for delivery service from traditional restaurants, according to NRA. With this evolution in dining, restaurants should consider adding a delivery option for their menu. We have assembled the pros and cons to contemplate before setting up a successful delivery service for your establishment.


Hosting a successful catered event or banquet requires proper preparation and planning. This helpful guide highlights key points to consider when creating menus, designing food displays and serving large groups at off-site events...



 In This Issue
Unique Ideas for Serving Food

Do you love throwing parties? Do you own a restaurant that is opened every day? If so, then you might be having some problems with trying to think of new ways to serve your food on a daily basis. Thankfully, you don't have to deal with this issue anymore because here are some food serving ideas that you can use any time of the year.

Let's talk cones, how many times have you eaten something out of a cone? We aren't talking about the ordinary ice cream cone either, we mean a durable unique bamboo cone. You probably haven't eaten anything out of one of these modern cones, have you? Guess what? Your guests probably haven't either so why not start using these amazing vessels to serve up your appetizers, desserts and other culinary treats.

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