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February 2022
Family Owned & Operated for Over 45 Years!
With the arrival of February came hope for the return of warmer weather. As you know, Phil predicted six more weeks of cold weather and possibly more snow. Yikes! Don't worry; with online shopping, all-wheel-drive vehicles, at-home or virtual appointments, Superior Van & Mobility is here to assist you!
Tired of Prices at the Pump?

Toyota no longer produces a gas-only Toyota Sienna minivan. That means both our BraunAbility and VMI Toyota chassis options will feature Toyota’s new hybrid powertrain. So, how does that help at the pump? The Hybrid models have a combined fuel economy of up to 36 MPG! 😲
~ Toyota Hybrid Test Drive Event ~
Schedule a demo and test-drive in an all-new Toyota Hybrid within the next 14 days, and we'll give you a complimentary $25 gas card!

PLUS...While you're at our store, we'll perform a FREE 12-point conversion inspection on your current mobility vehicle and give you a trade-in appraisal on your vehicle. 💲Trade-ins have never been worth MORE than they are right now!💲

***Reminder, we take both converted and non-converted vehicles in on trade***

Do you Plug in a Toyota Hybrid Accessible Van? Nope!
We've all made a pastime of watching the road department from our windows, out there working hard to get us back on the road.

Thanks to VMI, you can brave the winter weather with a mobility industry-first, an accessible All-Wheel-Drive Toyota Sienna Hybrid!
A Lovely Ruby!

This spacious and beautiful ruby-red AWD Toyota Sienna Hybrid is ready to go home with you today! It's one of the last new 2021 models we have in stock!

Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Families love the Chrysler Voyager vans! We still have a few NEW 2021 Voyagers with the BraunAbility XT conversion!

The 2022 Voyagers will be coming soon, but we can solve your mobility solution today!
2021 Chrysler Voyagers In Stock!
Did you know?
February 11th was Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

This day is all about reminding us not to hold on to regrets. Have you ever tried putting spilled milk back into your glass? It can't be done, just like sometimes we can't undo things. BUT we can choose to move forward and find new solutions!

We share a brief excerpt from a family we recently helped in Nebraska to keep with this theme. Previously, Katie purchased a mobility vehicle from an online dealer that seemed like a great buy. After receiving the vehicle, she discovered it was not a solution for her family's needs. She didn't receive any support from the online dealer and seemed out of options - then she found Superior Van & Mobility!
Did you find any pennies on National Lost Penny Day? Even though it was last week any day is a good day to find lost pennies hiding in nooks and crannies around your house (like the infamous couch penny)!

All those pennies (and other change) can really add up! Donate your findings to a good cause or treat yourself. Who knows, it may add up to the missing change you need for a deposit on a van from Superior Van & Mobility.
Give Us A Ring!
As you know, our 2022 goal is to find new and improved ways to continue to serve you! We have introduced a new system for reaching our Rental and Lift teams in response to that goal!

We know your time is important, and we want you to have options when calling us if we are working with other customers. Now, when you call our Rental or Lift Departments, you will hear new contact prompts asking if you want to be put on hold until someone is available, leave a number for a callback, or leave a message. The message will go to every team member in that department and the first available person will reach out to you.
🥰Our Rental Team is feeling extra-generous 🥰

We are offering a Rental Special if you book Tuesday - Thursday until February 28th!

Whether you are planning a Valentine's outing, a doctor appointment, or you're ready to start planning a vacation we have an accessible vehicle to help you!
When was the last time you had your adaptive equipment serviced on your vehicle? Take some time to do something for yourself by servicing your vehicle or lift!

While the safe operation of your mobility vehicle is essential, so is the reliability and safe operation of your wheelchair conversion or installed equipment.

It is recommended that you have your wheelchair lift, scooter carrier, wheelchair-accessible vehicle, or any other adaptive driving equipment serviced every six months by a qualified mobility technician. In fact, to keep many manufacturer warranties intact, most require servicing and inspection at predetermined intervals.
Have You Been Tuning In?
Are you enjoying watching the competition of the Winter Games? It's just beginning!
Don't forget to tune in to the Paralympics Winter Games 2022: March 4-March 13

Have More Questions?
Visit our Superior Resource Page for more information about grants, funding, and other helpful mobility topics.