Meet Christopher Kirish from our South Bend location. He's been with Superior for over 5 years. Outside of work he enjoys the time with his wife and two young children and loves the outdoors. He understands the key to any solution first starts with properly identifying the problem. That every person is different, every disability is different, so every solution might be different.

Chris' Tech Tip:
Check your Battery, Remote start or leave the vehicle running (if possible) when using equipment or lifts. 

Nearly everything we service and install puts an increased load on the vehicle's electrical system. Everything from Braun, VMI, Bruno, Harmar, Transfer seats, Valet seats and everything in between. If you can remote start your vehicle or leave the vehicle running while using the equipment, there are 2 key benefits. First being the equipment will operate slightly faster and secondly this will put less load and drain on the vehicle battery.

Stop by or schedule a Superior Service today and this is one of the many things we can check for you.
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