Hodgson-Harris Reservoir (HHR), located on the east side of Superior, supplies irrigation water to nearby farms and also provides habitat for a wide variety of birds. Conveniently, these two functions can often coexist to benefit both farmers and wildlife. This spring, Boulder County staff reduced the water level in HHR to provide ideal habitat for several bird species that nest along the shoreline. This action particularly benefits American Avocets, elegant shorebirds that need to lay their eggs on flat, open shores. Avocets can nest in only a very few places in Boulder County and they especially like HHR. In fact, within a few days of the HHR mudflats reappearing in early April, several avocets were already seen setting up territories there! Unfortunately, rising water levels drowned six avocet nests around HHR during the previous two springs. This year the County is working to accommodate both irrigation requirements and the birds’ habitat needs during their nesting season. If all goes well, by late spring some fluffy, gangly avocet chicks will be foraging with their parents in the shallow water. Superior residents can then expect to see the reservoir refill, although further fluctuations in water level may occur depending on downstream agricultural needs and other water management requirements.