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MARCH 2015
Farmers markets not all they're cracked up to be
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The troubles with farmers markets
In yet another example of how shoppers' stated expectations seldom match reality, new research shows local farmers markets fail in providing some of the basic pillars of sound food retailing. Guess which arm of the food-distribution system beats them hands-down?
How good is organic at saving the planet, really?
Organic, it's not what's for the planet
Farmer Goes to Market has reported before that organic is not any healthier than conventional food for your shoppers' diets. Now a new review of more than 50 previous studies casts doubt on its highly vaunted ability to spare the planet's energy resources, as well.
The end of food freedom approaches?
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Dietary guidelines putting a chokehold on retailers?
Implications of the nutrition guidelines are being lost in the flap over their emphasis on reducing meat consumption. Do they mark the official beginning of the end for a grocer's freedom to choose what he provides the consumer to eat?
Have beef prices finally topped?
Have beef prices topped out?
Farmers now assume the price for their market-ready cattle has "put in its top," as they say. Can you say the same yet for beef prices? Here's the latest outlook.
Feeding cattle from the farmer's view
Nebraska cattle feeding from the tractor seat
Southeast Nebraska's Niemann Enterprises posted this short video showing what it's like feeding steers on a late January morning from their point of view. It's a 24-7 job, they say, whether snow, rain, sleet or sun.
Seriously, people?
You're doing it wrong, OK?
There appears to be a new trend among shoppers--or at least a new meme justifiably poking fun at them--first noticed when an observer posted this photo on Reddit, in which a shopper doesn't seem to grasp the distinction between carrying handle and basket rack.
Kathy's commentary: Please, senator, don't use the F word KATHY'S COMMENTARY
In Nebraska, senator, we just
don't use the F word
Halfway through the 2015 Nebraska unicameral session, many of the most important issues have yet to be addressed. Why? One reason could be the more frequent use of the F word by legislators.
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