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19 February 2019


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God is so incredibly kind! He knows exactly what we're going to need before we even know what's coming!

October 20 was the official launch of J17 Ministries. I had resigned from 4Tucson a few weeks earlier, and while I was beginning to get a sense for what God wanted me to do next, I was still very much grieving being in a place I didn't anticipate and didn't desire.

Saturday morning, Oct 20, I had been invited to the new facility dedication for one of our Messianic Jewish congregations in Tucson, Beth Sar Shalom. (Messianic Jews are Jewish by ethnicity and/or spiritual upbringing, who accept Jesus as the Messiah - it's another branch of the Christian church - in fact, the original branch!) The whole worship service spoke to me in powerful, personal and encouraging ways.

Lead Pastor/Rabbi Michael LaPoff was sharing about the biblical concept of dedication. He said, "Our chief task in life is to discover what we've been made for. Once we know that, we have an opportunity: an invitation, not an obligation, to dedicate our lives to the purpose for which we've been made. But if you do that, you're making a vow to God, and there's no turning back." All my bells were ringing as he spoke, and I had a powerful moment of worship and dedication, telling the Lord, "Alright, Lord, I'm in. I know what I've been made for, and come what may, I'm all in. No turning back."

Literally five minutes after that vow of dedication, I got a text from Pastor Jim Cords of Desert Hope. They had offered to provide the legal covering for J17 Ministries until we could form a board and apply for our incorporation and 501c3. He said, "Our leadership just officially approved you." J17 Ministries was officially a thing.

But the Lord knew my frailties, and knew I'd need even more encouragement. So a woman I didn't know came up to me after the service. She said, "The Lord has a word for you, and He told me to share it with you this morning." I said, "Ok, I'm listening." "The Lord told me to tell you that He spoke to you during this worship service. You made a promise to Him, and He wants you to know - there's no turning back."

I'm slow... but not completely stupid! God is so kind. And here we are, following God and taking notes... Blessings on your journey today!!

Dave Drum
J17 Ministries
New News about
As the name implies, J17 Ministries is all about aligning hearts with Jesus’ heart as expressed in John 17. J17 Ministries is a big idea, but with practical implications in every city.
Welcome to the team in an official staff capacity – Tasha Campbell !

S ince moving to Tucson in 2010, Tasha has been involved with her local community, often surprising people when she starts speaking Spanish. She has enjoyed volunteering at organizations such as 4Tucson, Living Streets Alliance, J17 Ministries, and others. Recently, Tasha has worked with the Global CHE Network, doing administration, training seminars, and additional outreach.

Tasha has already been giving of her time and talents with J17 Ministries, developing and maintaining the website, as well as serving on the John 17 Weekends. As she moves into a staff role, she is looking forward to connecting and collaborating further with the Hispanic community. You can reach her at tasha@j17ministries.org.

Initially, Tasha will be helping raise her own salary support in order to carry out this ministry. You can help by clicking HERE and selecting Campbell salary support from the dropdown menu.
New News about
Your feedback is always welcome simply by replying to this email!

J17 Ministries has been asked to handle all the planning for our 11th annual three day spring Pastor Prayer Summit April 8-10. Vital info:
  • the link below is new; please don't use previous ones.
  • we're making decisions this week based on a best guess of turnout, so please let us know if you or your pastor are coming ASAP.

Similarly, J17 Ministries has been asked to take over the bookkeeping, publicity, and much of the logistics for Tucson Ministry Alliance, so registrations and emails will now be coming through J17 Ministries instead of 4Tucson.

Finally, our goal for Tucson readers is to give a broad overview of ways God is uniting His body in our city, so if you're aware of either events or stories that meet that goal, please let us know!

Happy reading!
Harmony Hub
Present unity – part 4 of a series

Jesus’ John 17 prayer is so incredibly rich in detail and strategy that it’s baffling to me how often we’ve underestimated it. We’ve already seen how the unity Jesus prays for is diverse, visible, and substantive. In part 4, we want to examine how it’s a present unity, as in a strategy for every generation, in every locale.

Verse 20 says, “I’m not only praying for my followers who are here right not, but for all who will ever believe in me through their message.” Any time I’m teaching on this, I always ask the question, “Who does that include?” And then for those who fell asleep, I wake them up by yelling at them (okay, no really) to “put your hands in the air right now.” We are the ones who believe in Jesus through the message of those physically present when He prayed the prayer. John was one of those there, John later recorded it, and we’re literally believing and learning through John’s message.

The Bible teaches that Jesus is fully human and fully divine. I believe this was a “divine” moment. I believe Jesus summoned His divinity nature and stepped outside time, literally praying for those of us reading this article right now – for believers in every community, in every generation. In case I’m wrong about that, I’m not too far off, because He prayed it for us later. The book of Hebrews tells us Jesus’ current job description, interceding for us at the right hand of the Father, and that He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. This is Jesus’ prayer for us. How can we underestimate that and not take it seriously? I’d much rather intentionally align myself with Jesus’ prayer than end up working against it by default.

In the final installment of this series (next week), we’ll wrap up by looking one more time at how incredibly strategic this prayer is.

Harmony Hub Contributor:
Dave Drum, Founder J17 Ministries
Collaboration Corner
Three Things That Complicate Collaboration

It is good and pleasant to dwell [love, speak well of, cooperate, validate, bless] together in unity. So, what gets in the way of functional and Christ-honoring collaboration? Here is are just three things that I have come up with that complicate our living John 17 unity in real time, in real places.

  1. Shared History (having too much or too little of it) - Shared history helps you speak the same language and live in the same world. It gives you more in common. However, when you have too much shared history, issues or distinctives that are small can quickly become big. Sometimes it can be easier for a Baptist and a Lutheran to work together than for a Baptist and a Baptist (or a Lutheran and a Lutheran) from different associations (or synods). If you are trying to collaborate where there is a lot of shared history, be mindful. The Holy Spirit can break through any barriers, but us being ready and cooperative is another issue. Start where it’s easy, for your own edification. Have too little? Commit to being quick to listen and slow to anger; to time together; and examining your expectations for “how fast” things are going to move. If you want whatever you’re doing to be done together AND done well, you can't rush things.
  2. Initiative and Imagination (a lack of it) - Someone’s going to have to have it. Someone’s going to have to use it. Unless there is a very immanent rallying point (tragedy, natural disaster, big event coming to town) then collaboration usually isn’t going to “just happen.” If there is no personal investment from someone (seeing the “what if”, setting the meeting time, following up with team members) then opportunities to collaborate won’t ever be seized; and if they are, they will fizzle and die. Someone once said, “Leader’s lead.” If you see an opportunity for a creative ministry partnership, start the work! Cast the vision! Set the meeting! As someone else once said, “Just do it.”
  3. Egos (no lack of it) - Shepherds (pastors) should have a protective and proactive instinct. But, if that instinct is not itself shepherded by the Good Shepherd, it can cause a leader to work against the oneness for which Jesus prayed. Egos can quickly hijack collaboration. For Christ-centered collaboration to be functional, there must be at least one member of the team who has Holy Spirit-empowered humility...one who counts the cost of servanthood and finds the call of worth; one who will not take offense at being misunderstood; one who holds the door open for another’s ideas; one whose voice is used to assure another’s is heard; one who will count it as joy to steward their resources for Kingdom growth over congregational growth. Do you desire to be that “someone”? Pray. Listen. Serve. Your identity is secured in Christ Jesus - you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by following in the footsteps of your Master!

In the words of Hebrews 12:1 (NIV) “...let us throw off everything that hinders and...let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Amen!

Harmony Hub Contributor:
Joshua D. Johnsen
Church of the Valley , a city-gospel movement in Grants Pass, Oregon
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.
If you are part of an area event promoting unity and collaboration among the citywide
Body of Christ and beyond and would like it included in an upcoming newsletter,
please click HERE to submit your request.
Connections For Everyone
Wednesday-Sunday, February 20-24
New Destiny International
4500 E. Speedway Blvd., Suite 109

You are invited to join the Apostolic Covenant Council Apostolic & Prophetic Summit 2019. Come receive a great outpouring of His presence, His power, His strategies, and His Word! There is a great line up of speakers covering session topics such as:
  • Financial Strategies for New Seasons, Shifts, and Dimension
  • Transformational Technology for New Seasons, Shifts, and Dimensions
  • Infrastructure for New Seasons, Shifts, and Dimensions

If you are truly in a SEASON where God is showing you new vision you definitely want to join us to be empowered to SHIFT and expand in DIMENSION to MANIFEST GOD's GLORY.
Saturday,  February 23
9 am - 12 pm
Center of Opportunity
4550 S. Palo Verde Rd. |  Map

Gospel Rescue Mission is moving our Men's Shelter to the new Center of Opportunity (former Holiday Inn Holidome Hotel) in Spring 2019. We will be providing up to 350 shelter beds and support services from 30 different organizations. New Employment opportunities include: Chef, Guest Services, Kitchen Assistant, Case Manager, Maintenance Technician, and Counselor. We offer our full-time employees Medical, Vision, Dental, Retirement, Outstanding Paid Time Off Package, and much more! Please come prepared to interview with a resume.

Apply online HERE or call 520-740-1501.
Saturday,  February 23 | 10 am
Desert Hope Lutheran Church
7474 E. Speedway Blvd. | Map

Author of Once an Arafat Man and The Mind of Terror, Tass Saada shares his true story of how a PLO sniper found new life in Christ. This is a unique opportunity in Tucson to speak with a man whose life was radically changed by the Gospel to minister the love of Christ in Jericho. His perspective is unique and will bring a new appreciation for how we can effectively “Lead with Love” those whose lives may be motivated by radical acts.
Friday-Saturday,  March 1-2
Pantano Christian Church
1755 S Houghton Rd . |  Map

This conference is for worship leaders and team members for churches of all sizes with special emphasis on churches of 150 and smaller. There will be general sessions, breakout classes and extended times of worship through music. Tucson Worship Conference exists to Encourage, Equip, and Connect churches in Tucson and the surrounding area.

The dream for TWC started seven years ago when three Tucson area worship pastors started talking about the need to train worship ministries and the high cost of that training. The question was asked, “Why can’t a group of local worship pastors provide an affordable worship conference using local talent and experience?” The obvious answer was, “No reason at all, let’s do it.” A conference was born.

Come be a part of the sixth annual Tucson Worship Conference. It’s a worship conference by local worship leaders for local worship leaders. The registration price includes lunch on Saturday, snacks and resources.
Saturday,  March 2 | 1 - 4 pm
Reid Park, Ramada #1
E. 22nd St & S. Country Club Rd. | Map

Have you participated in a John 17 Weekend? Or would you like to learn more about the next weekends coming up? Come out for a fun-filled victory reunion with Christian brothers and sisters from all around the Tucson area! There will be a potluck-style meal (sign up forthcoming). Bring your chairs and blankets to hang out on the lawn around the ramada, enjoy the nearby playground, and plan to fellowship through food, singing, and communion.
Saturday,  March 9 | 9 - 11:30 am
Habitat for Humanity Meeting Hall
3501 N. Mountain Ave. | Map

Is theology relevant to one’s daily walk in Christ or is “theology” just another word for abstract, religious philosophy? In this seminar, we will consider these questions and begin an exploration of how the Bible presents us with the answers. Dana Yentzer, Director of Ministry Resources Institute, and Dave Drum, Founder of J17 Ministries, will lead the conversation, helping apply the theological principles found in the Old and New Testaments to real life issues. In addition, each participant will receive a resource package designed to help them apply biblical theology in their own life. Join us for this exciting opportunity to understand the shape of biblical thought and how to apply it in the world today! Click HERE for a downloadable flyer.
Connections for Pastors

Monday-Wednesday, April 8-10
Mt. Lemmon Community Center
12949 N. Sabino Canyon Parkway | Map

All pastors are invited to this three-day retreat, Tucson's 11th annual three-day pastor prayer summit. No ministry fair booths. No sermons. No advertisements. The main attraction is God Himself. Join us for three days in seeking God in unity, praying for revival and spiritual awakening in our city, and having our tanks filled as we worship and pray.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Upfront costs are significant, and some cabins we've used for free are no longer available.
  • If you know someone with a cabin, please let us know.
  • Please either RSVP or register TODAY so we can more accurately guess how many cabins to secure.
Click HERE for more upcoming events.
John 17 Weekends
Team and Participant applications are currently being accepted!
Men's weekend: July 18-21
Women's weekend: July 25-28

Submit your application now and be a part this year's Tucson area Christian discipleship weekend that emphasizes the essentials of the Christian life and walk.
Church of the Week

Rising Star Baptist Church
Pray for the Body!

Pray for these specific requests .
Holy Land & Oberammergau
June 1 - 13, 2020
Informational Meeting
& Newsletter

Are you interested in learning more about the Holy Land 2020 trip? Have the news bits posted here been intriguing and you would like to receive regular updates?

There is an informational meeting coming up on February 28, at 7:00 pm at Pantano Christian Church, in Building #1 - Room 10 (upstairs). We would love to have you come and ask any questions you might have!

You can also sign up for the special newsletter that will be dedicated solely to the Holy Land 2020 trip and updates.