Supersack Unloaders Available
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Previously Used In Food Processing Plant

Supersack Unloading Station, manufactured by Semi-Bulk Systems, all stainless-steel construction, previously run on powdered food starch and gelatin. Model number 165 CU FT HOPPER, serial number S6233-11, manufactured in 2010. Includes 165 cubic feet stainless steel surge hopper with Air-Cone discharge and loss-in-weight controls. Also includes bag hoist, pneumatically operated bag huggers and vibratory pan. Complete system includes HAF Equipment stainless steel baghouse with blower. In very good condition. (3) Units available.

Bag Break Station, manufactured by Semi-Bulk Systems, for manual feed Supersack bag break. Model number S6171-11-A, serial number 04-016, manufactured in 2004. Unit has all stainless-steel contacts for sanitary use. Complete with integral dust collector with 3 HP blower. Includes stainless steel hopper with manual lid for access and stainless-steel magnetic grate for break station. Complete system and in excellent condition.