We have Supervised Play tonight, Tuesday evening Aug 24 @ 6:00 pm, at the Columbia Bridge Club. The mini-lesson will be on the Stayman and Transfer bids. Once your partner has opened or over-called 1 No-Trump or 2 No-Trump, it's important for you as responder to get your partnership to the best contract regardless of the number of high-card points you have in your hand.

The Stayman convention allows you to find out about any possible 4-card major suit holdings in your partner's hand, while Transfer bids allow your partner to play the hand so you can put the weak hand on the table as dummy. While most of you are at least familiar with these two conventions, tonight we'll show you some things you may not know about them, as well as covering the basics on how and when to use them.

The following are links to the Bridge Guys web site where these conventions are discussed in more detail:

The mini-lesson starts at 6:00 pm, hand play at 6:30 pm.

Hope to see you all this evening!

Michael Bitonti
Head Director - Columbia Bridge Club
(803) 386-8887