Gary Aiken (Mason - R) 1. Mason District is home to Ossian Hall Park and Mason District Park amphitheaters. I would ensure that the park authority has the money it needs, both operating and capital improvement, to ensure that these are safe, accessible, and operationally modern performance areas. 2. Mason District is home to four (4) Federal Opportunity Zones, the most of any district other than Lee (5). I believe that the redevelopment of either or both of Annandale and Bailey's Crossroads should include the incentives for developers to include performance space for live music and art exhibitions as part of the development plan - either outdoor or indoor for the benefit of the community or for another venue for artists to engage in their art forms for profit. 3. I would solicit donors in Mason District to commission sculptures or other outdoor art for permanent or temporary exhibition in an effort to beautify areas of our district that have been neglected for years and show signs of stagnation and decline. 

Penny Gross (Mason – D) The arts should be a thrill, not a frill. The “arts plank” of the county’s Comprehensive Plan can be an excellent tool to ensure that new or repurposed buildings incorporate architecture, design, public art, gallery and performance spaces if possible, and other amenities. I am a cosponsor of the original arts funding by the Board of Supervisors more than a decade ago, and that annual funding continues. An arts trust fund, supported by the business sector, could be considered as a new funding source.

Rodney Lusk (Lee – D) As a father of two daughters that grew up in the Fairfax County Public School System and the Director of National Marketing at the Fairfax County EDA, I recognize the vital role that the arts play in both our community and economy. As Lee District Supervisor, I will work to ensure that our public schools have access to the resources they need to ensure that no child is left behind when it comes to pursuing their creative aspirations. And I will take steps to ensure that as we work to build new infrastructure and amenities across Fairfax County, as well as revitalize existing assets, that we are incorporating the arts in a way that continues to ensure that Fairfax County remains the most attractive jurisdiction possible for 21st Century employers.

Jeff McKay (Chairman, At-Large - D) Fairfax County has not always fully appreciated the role of arts and culture in both community and economic development. As we become more diverse, our opportunities to integrate these two sectors increase. I am personally committed to supporting these efforts.

Dalia Palchik (Providence - D) The arts sector is a major part of our community both economically and culturally. I have been thrilled to attend many productions in the area and am committed to ensuring that the arts continue to be funded in Fairfax County. In a system where arts are heavily funded through grants, I intend to advocate for ensuring that grant programs are fully funded by the Board of Supervisors, and to commit to an arts and culture budget years in advance so that a dependable stream of funding is available. I believe that if we invest in the arts, we will be able to see benefits to our County both from revenue boosts and job creation, as well as an opportunity to see more of our community represented through diverse artistic expression. I plan to support proposals that prod businesses to invest in the arts, by giving incentives to encourage developing the spaces that are needed to make art more accessible. Additionally, by fully funding our schools and understanding their arts-based needs, I hope to see a greater focus on the arts for our children to help make various art forms a part of our children's lives from a young age. The more we give to the arts, the more it gives back to us.

Dan Storck (Mount Vernon - D) It is important that Fairfax County continue to support arts opportunities, like ARTS FAIRFAX, Mount Vernon Children’s Theatre, the Workhouse Arts Center and many others. Arts are an important quality of life amenity and I continue to look for ways to advance the arts in the Mount Vernon District.

James Walkinshaw (Braddock- D) I believe firmly that the arts help to fuel a vibrant, creative, and economically successful community here in Fairfax County. In these times, the arts are a critical tool to connect people of different racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. Additionally, as we continue to create true destinations of choice in Tysons, Merrifield, Springfield, and Fairfax Center, the arts and especially public art will be key to building a real sense of community. Fairfax County's funding for the arts and the Arts Council are a good investment of taxpayer dollars, providing both tangible and intangible returns. I look forward to working with the Arts Council to continue the partnership.