November Events & Updates, No 3

Many of you have let me know you’ve mailed your  CARES 2.0 Thank You  postcard to Mayor London Breed.   All of us speaking and acting together is the way we’ll be heard—funding for early care and education, and ensuring that educators can dedicate themselves to this important work is essential to San Francisco's community! Haven't sent yours yet, or have some more? Keep them coming!

This Tuesday, November 19 the Board of Supervisors will issue a resolution declaring November 20, 2019  World Children’s Day , and affirming the City and County's commitment to the  United Nations Convention of the Rights of Children . The  CARES 2.0 Thank You  postcards will be highlighted in the introduction to the resolution.

The resolution promotes the UN Convention of the Rights of Children, “set[ting] out the civil, political, economic, social, health, and cultural rights of children …” as well as “condemns the xenophobic actions of the Federal government at the United States border due to its infringement upon the children’s freedom from neglect and negligent treatment, and from cruel and inhumane treatment …” and calls out the impact of the climate crisis, “including its disproportionate impact on low-income families, immigrants, and families of color …” See the full document here .

Are these issues you care about? Come speak out. Email  to let me know you can be at the Board of Supervisors Meeting, City Hall, Legislative Chamber, Room 250, on  Tuesday, November 19 around 3:30 pm  for public comments.

See more information about  the 10,000 Thank You Postcard campaign  including downloadable postcards, information sheets—and pictures of the campaign.

Sara Hicks-Kilday
ECESF Director